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Hey! I'm new here! I need help with my new Kittens : )

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Hi all! I'm new to this site and I was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me advice for my new family members.
I have 4 new Kittens, so that make it 7 all together, yes I know it's alot but, I'm such a big animal lover and I need advice. I've had my 1st three cats since they were small so I never knew how to handle when they don't get along. All the new kittens get hissed at by my older cats and I need advice on that And if you know any other tips on taking care of them and how much it would be to spay/neuter, please let me know Thanks!

P.S. If you want, I'd like it if you could send me a message through Yahoo or AIM My ID's are erin12110 on both accounts! Heres a picture of one of my new kittens! Her name is Pumpkin
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hi i'm new too!
congratulations on your new kittens!

the best way to introduce kitties is to put the newcomers in a room with food water and litterbox and let the resident cats sniff them under the door and get used to them being there

it helps, too, if you can get something that smells like the new kitties (maybe let them sleep on an old pillowcase, tshirt whatever) and take it to the resident cats so they get used to the smell, and do the same for the kittens, get something that smells like the resident cats for them to sniff

this is how animals get to know each other- thru their scent

also, after a few days, take the kittens out of the room and let them roam around the rest of the house, while the resident cats get to check out the room the kittens were in

try to keep the cats physically separated for at least a WEEK- two if possible, and allow them out for short supervised visits with each other

there WILL be hissing no matter what, but if your resident cats are older (adults) they could potentially hurt the kittens

also, the adults may think that the kittens are prey if the kittens are small enough so keep a watch on them to see if there is any biting
Biting should NOT be allowed

the hissing is normal and may last a few months even

give your older cats more attention so that they are not as jealous of the "intruders".

take it slow with the introductions and it will go much more smoothly and may prevent longlasting problems down the road

as far as spaying or neutering, check with your local shelter or rescue to see if there are certificates for low cost spay and neutering in your area

spaying is more expensive than neutering, at my vets, who is the cheapest in the area, a spay costs $125
i do not know what neutering costs exactly but it is less.

Oh and find out what age they should be spayed/nuetered- i think males are done at around 7mos but females can get pregnant as early as 4 mos (usually not til 5 though)

good luck!!

oh- and i have heard you should have one more litter box than you have cats!! good luck with that one! i don't know anyone who has room for 8 litterboxes!! LOL
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Hey thanks for the advice
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Welcome to the site!

catnapt gave you good advice about introductions. For more information, check out this article: I'd Like You To Meet....

Also, for spay/neuter costs it really depends on the area. However, there are a lot of low cost spay/neuter programs out there. Check out Save Samoa's Spay Neuter Resources for many options that are out there. For age, it is generally accepted to get males neutered by 6 months, before they start spraying their territory. For females, 6 months is also generally the norm, but if they will be with maturing or mature males, I would suggest getting them done earlier. As she said, females can go into heat and get pregnant sometimes as young as 4 months old. There is research that shows that early spay/neuter is not harmful to the health of the cats, so maybe that's something to consider. (Look at the very bottom link on Save Samoa's Spay/Neuter page for an article about early spay/neuter)
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It is an easier time of introductions if instead of a solid door between them, you have a baby gate going vertically up in the doorway. That way they can scent each other and not hurt each other.

Here is an article about Introducing cats:

I'd like You to Meet
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You've already gotten some great advice above, so nothing for me to add, except Welcome!
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Welcome to TCS!
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~~ Welcome ~~
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Welcome Erin and all your furbabies!
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Hi! Good idea about the gate! And thanks for the site to check out! Well, it's a good thing that my cats are getting used to each other already I've only been to this site a few times but, since I'm bored I'd like to share all my pets to you I have 7 Cats, 3 Fish, 1 Frog, 1 Mouse, 1 Turtle, 1 Bird, 1 Hamster, and 1 Rabbit! I would also like to thank everyone who welcomed me to the site!
I hope to be posting here more often, due to me being busy buying a house with my Fiance and all Thanks again!
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hi and welcome, i think your kitties will do jsut fine in a few weeks, good luck, they sound wonderful
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Welcome to this site
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Hi! Your kittens sound really sweet!

I was wondering whether anyone who has given advice here, might be able to help me. You see, my one year old kitten has rather a abd temper, and growls almost every time she is picked up or touched. I checked with a vet that she isn't hurt or unwell, so probably she is just not a very cuddly kitten. However, I wondered if anyone had nay ideas on how to make her less fierce? Thanx for all your help everyone!

(I really love the piccy of your kitten!!!) Bye!
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Welcome and we are new, too! We're Freddie (6 mo.), Sasha (11), and mom from Washington state. The advice on the babygate was golden. it really works. Sasha hissed at Freddie for 2 weeks and now they are the best of friends. Elizabeth
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Mary, since she has been checked out by a vet, it sounds to me like your kitten has serious trust issues. I don't know her background, but it could be that she was taught by her feral mother to distrust humans, or she had very bad experiences with humans before you came into her life.

Read through this thread for ideas on how to build the trust with her. The biggest point is to ignore her, don't approach her. Right now she may see you as a predator, which is why she's growling when she's touched or picked up.
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Thanks for the info. Hopefully this will help her adapt to humans better. Bye!
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Welcome to the best site ever!
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Hey! Welcome aboard!
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Hello and welcome to the site Erin!
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Welcome to the board, Erin!
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welcome! Things will get better I had two cats since they were babies and then added 8 kittens over the past few monthes and two adults at first there was some hissing but everone is friends now
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welcome to our little home on the web erin! there is already great advice so I have nothing to offer, but i will say that over time your babies will get along. just have patience!
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Hi and welcome to the site
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Hello & Welcome
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