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Hi i'm mew here!

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just wanted to introduce myself and my kitties.
i am a 47yr old disabled woman living in MooHampshire with my 5 year old black and white kitty Kali and my newly adopted blind, deaf, elderly boy BJ.

BJ came to me from the shelter- he was nearly dead when i got him, very thin and dehydrated. i took him to my vet and found out that he has diabetes (it is what caused him to go blind- the vet said he probably had diabetes for many years which went untreated)

BJ needed subQ fluids which i administered at home, and then the job was to clear up his infected teeth and get his diabetes under control and fatten him up
he has gained several pounds, is needing less insulin and his teeth do not bother him as much as before, although he will still need some work on them.

Being blind as many of you may know, is not a real tragedy for a cat, in fact many cats are blind and people-including their owners- may not even notice.
Being blind and deaf is a bit of a challenge but BJ handles it just fine.

the only sad thing about him is that due to his age, he can not jump or run and he walks very slowly. it is almost painful to watch a creature who can be so graceful, move so so slowly!

he makes up for it though, by assuming the most adorable poses while he is sleeping!

and because smelling things is one of his biggest joys, i take him outside so he can sniff all the different scents outdoors, he just loves that!

Yes, my poor 5 yr old girl feels a bit left out sometimes, but i have been spending more and more time with her so she does not get too jealous.
she sees that BJ gets needles and blood tests several times a day and i think she is glad it is him and not her!!!

i have had other cats, but this is enough for now- if i get started on my Sara, i will never shut up!!

so glad to be here, looking forward to meeting you all!
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Welcome to the site! I just love black and white kitties, so I can't wait to hear more about Kali.

BJ sounds like a great little guy, and I have to say you have earned your kitty angel wings for taking him in.
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Welcome to this wonderfull cat site of fun and info . It is nice meeting you . Thank you for adopting BJ and I am sure you saved his life 2 times over knowing what couses his blindness . Your girl sounds very sweet too . If you have pictures we sure would like to see them
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Meow, meow...
Welcome to the club..
You're one of the kind to the cat's nation
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hi again
yes, Kali is a sweetie, poor girl she has been upstaged a bit by BJ!!

Kali was adopted from a home overrun with cats and kittens, all with only one food bowl, one water bowl and one filthy litter box!

she got pregnant at 4 1/2 mos and had a litter of kittens before i found her. she had also been given a flea dip which caused permanent neurological damage (she is extremely sensitive to sounds esp)

anyway i adopted her when she was about 7 mos old and she has been my baby ever since.
she is - rather , was! very timid and shy. it took her 2 yrs to allow me to pet her! and she still will only allow it on her terms

but she has become very attached to me and will sleep on whatever part of my body she can find when she is feeling insecure (like, if i had been out of the house more than usual)
if i have been out longer than she likes, she will walk around me in circles, b*tching me out when i get home!! LOL

i don't have pictures of kali but if you email me at arisayma@juno.com i can send you photos of BJ that someone scanned for me (i do not have a digital camera nor a scanner, these were paper photos that some one scanned as i was searching for help with BJs vet expenses- when i took him in, i was told he was old and blind- i had no idea how sick he was, so the financial burden was immense)

good nite all!
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Hello and welcome to the site.

*Sends hellos to both Kali and BJ.*

You're an angel adopting Kali and BJ.

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Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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~~ Welcome ~~
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You're such a sweetie for loving these kitties, and for taking care of and saving BJ!!!!!

We just rescued a little deaf kitty that's blind in one eye, although after recent surgery she may gain some sight in that eye.

Welcome to TCS! You've found a wonderful place for sharing and caring about kitties, that's for sure!!!!!
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Hi there and Welcome to the site, sounds like a nice family of furballs ou have there, looking forward to getting to know you all
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