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Our Daily Thread for Tuesday 7-10-01

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Woke up to a pile of kittens jumping on me. Mike has decided to make them a living alarm clock and when he wakes up at 5:00 a.m. he opens the door and they run lickity split into the bedroom and jump on the bed. They learn early where the best place to lay in the house is.

Went upstairs to do litterbox control and found that they have graduated from using the litterboxes with strips of newspapers in them to using the big kids box with big litter. Fergie and Massey and Ash followed me all the way up the stairs. Told Mike later I felt like I had a living carpet underneath my feet.

Turned on the big fans upstairs (supposed to be 98 degrees today) Will sweep and mop the floor later, for now the kittens are downstairs in the living room. I have draped dark blankets over the front window. The heat is oppressive to Fergie and I want her more comfortable than she was yesterday. No air conditioning in this old farmhouse, at least, not yet! The blankets should help.

The Tag Team comes running at food call. All are finally accounted for. Had lost track of two since the 4th of July. Cleo my big manx and Bailey my orange adventurer. I was able to pick up Cleo and check him to see if he was okay, he was, just covered with cockleburs. My but he is a stout cat! He will be 10 years old soon!

Kenai and I went out to see the horses. Let them graze in the pasture for 10 minutes (getting them used to the new grass) Racer and Trav really hate not being able to get into the good stuff all day, but with the founder scare of late, I can't chance it. Put them both in the round pen and fly sprayed them, but their fly masks on and gave them both good scratches. Led them back to the old pasture, gave them their grain/supplement and their hay. Checked their water trough and then we walked down the orchard together. THERE ARE NO CHERRIES! Darn birds! The cherries would of been ripe for picking today, but all the trees are stripped bare. I vow to have the pruner come out in Jan. and prune these massive trees back so we can net them and have cherries.

Neighbor hollers at me over the fence waving buckets at me. I go over and she has filled 4 buckets with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and logan berries. Looks like it's jammin time! I thank her and we catch up on the news of the day. Then I give her some elk and some fresh corn in thanks for the wonderful berries.

Back by the creek now with the horses following. I am doing a fence check to find out why the electric wire is clicking. Find a big old deadfall laying across the wire, and remove it dragging it to the burn pile. As I am moving it, I hear this funny splashing noise? Thinking the horses are probably in the creek, I look......but nope...they are grazing nearby. So I go over to look and there in the middle of the creek is my Kabota kitty! He is up to his belly in the water and doesn't notice me right away. His paw is under the water and he is batting at something I can't see? I just stand there and watch, and soon his head dunks under and he emerges triumphantly with a crawdad in his mouth! And this is the cat I can't give a bath to? I call to him (crawdads can pinch) and he turns to me with this creature wiggling in his mouth growls and darts for the bushes. I am not going to follow him into the blackberry patch, so he is on his own with this trophy. I call back to him and tell him that he better not bring this trophy in the house! Lord have mercy a creek cat, who would of thought? He was coming home in the mornings soaking wet, and I just never thought he was playing in the creek. I figured he had fallen in the water trough or something.

Then it was back in the house to make coffee, spend some time on the computer catching up with friends. I still have to rototill the floor of the round pen, muck out some stalls and clean the cat room. But I need my coffee and my cyber time first, after that the day is young. After all it is only 8:00 in the a.m.

9:00 a.m. Neighbor called and said my one horse is rubbing his head funny. So I went out to check and sure enough, my Mustang Racer has a gummy eye. I halter him and tie him to the hitching post and go about the not so fun business of looking into his eye to see if I can figure out what is going on? Now, he is only 4 years old, has been on a few trail rides with me, but he is not this dead-broke bomb-proof wonderful older horse. He is just now a teenager, and he is dancing his head all over the place not letting me have access to his eyes. Finally I growl at him and tell him to "Knock it off and lower his head!" He knows the command "Put your head down!" And as he lowers it (finally) I glimpse a hair caught in his eye. Boy am I lucky, the light was just right or I would of missed it. Now comes the even more challenging task of rinsing his eye out with clear water. I have had this wonderful horse since he was 6 months old, but even he has his limits, and soon I am drenched and his eye is still gummy! So, it is off to the feed store now for some Calm-N-Quiet (for him not me..*G*) and I will attempt to try and remove this hair when I get back. Gee anybody want to help me try to keep a 1,200 pound teenager with four big feet quiet enough to remove a hair from his eyeball? *G*
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I feel like a character in City Slickers after reading your post! All that berry talk has my mouth watering. Fortunately I made a batch of bluberry muffins when I got up this morning.

Yesterday, I did my first solo home improvement project. Some friends and my sister has given me some Home depot gift certificates, so I bought a new light fixture for my dining room. I had about had it with the circa 70s smoked glass fixture hanging there. So, about 3 hours and much swearing later, the thing was installed. I flipped the breaker and ta da! It works!
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Hissy, you are like the army. you do more before 9 am than most of us all day!

it's crazy how different everyones lives are. I sit at a desk all day. I would love to step in your shoes for awhile.

thanks for that little peek.

I'm just counting down the hours until 6pm.
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congradulations! I'm in awe of you. I would be scared to death to tackle anything like that on my own. I would at least want my boyfriend around as a safety net, for when I enveritably messed up.
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My Tuesday is almost over but still
My beautiful furry baby boy has put on some wight while I was away and he's almost changed his fur (do you say that??). He's more beautiful than ever and walks everywhere with me and insists on being cuddled and kissed all the time.
My boyfriend is being so kind with me it's really weird as he's not the kind of guy to show his emotions a lot. He keeps telling me he's missed me a lot and I feel sooo good about that!!!
Thanks God my parents are healthy and well.
My new washing machine (my first ever!!!!) is working and I'm washing every single item that can be washed. Work has been easy on me today and I'm meeting a friend for a beer tonight. The weather here is just about perfect and i'm catching up with your posts.
What more can one want!!!!
So far my Tuesday's been great, hope it's the same with all of you guys who are now waking up
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Forget that! The one time I helped Kris put in a ceiling fan for his mother, he told me to "touch these 3 wires together". Zap!

Believe me, I didn't think I'd get through the project. The directions were the worst. I took the thing apart about 5 times before I got it right. Then I was all connected, and one screw thing in the ceiling was wrong, so I took the whole thing down again! When it was finally up, my son says, "Now just flip the switch and it will work." I said, "Yeah, only if my luck changes". He was laughing because that is a line from Apollo 13, and he recognized it.
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Gees, it sounds like everyone has a much more exciting life than I do! Oh to be in one of Hissys big fields, jammin' berries and such like!
I just get up feed and pet my babies, go to work all day, watching the rain from the window, get home about 6.45pm, cook tea, feed and snuggle with my babies (& hubby!) till we go to bed! How very dull....
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C'mon Bodlover your life sounds just about the same as mine but you have to go on quests for the little things that make the big difference - there are always plenty of them
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You're right Billie! I must look for the good things! I still have five beautiful babies and as you said theres always opportunities to get more of the little things that make a big difference! - Plenty more cats to rescue yet! Hee hee, Thanks for you cheery words!
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just wanted to let you know you can re-send your PM if you'd like, i cleared out every
single message, it should go through fine
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just tried sending you a PM, didn't go through.

can you call me today?

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*pulls out hair*

i dont understand why it wouldnt go through! i have no messages in my PM box whatsoever! geeeeez...

yah, i was just about to, girly :tounge2:
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cool! I'm here & not going anywhere.
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We just had one of those late afternoon thunderstorms which are so cool. The rain is glorious to listen to. My fish and I are the only ones awake right now. My fur baby is curled up on the bean bag chair, which I leave in the living room as her special seat. It is covered by a fuzzy blanket so she is more comfortable. My fiance just woke up from a nap. I am a teacher, so I have not had to work in a month, summer vacation is so much better as an adult. :flash: Hope everyone is having a good day! Brenda
PS--I too would love to be in Hissy's field with the horses!
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We drove down to San Diego Saturday to pick up the kitten. It was a nice 11 hour drive (ha ha). We didn't hit any traffic at all going into Los Angeles either way. I think I am still tired from the long drive, or maybe it's just the heat here.

I've missed the forums, I haven't written in over a week I think. Too many old posts for me to go back and read so I'll just start fresh and read the first few posts and respond if I feel like it.

Angus has been a handful. He's so much fun. He was very good in the car (in a medium-sized dog carrier) except when my mom rolled the window down when the air conditioning started drying her eyes. The sound of wind and cars (not to mention the yucky Los Angeles air smell) must have scared him. Once we got him home he did well. Didn't even seem to faze him that he wasn't with his kitty family anymore. He's taken very well to us and the house. Or maybe I should say hat he has taken us over very well...
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Hi everybody,

I started out early today (8 a.m.) I usually sleep late because I work nights, but the picture of the Pet of the Week I took didn't come out too good so I had to go back to the shelter and tak another one. God what I wouldn't give for a digital camera!! I then went to a part-time job interview which went very well. By the time I got out of there it was noon. I felt like I'd been driving all morning! Anyway, I dropped off the stupid roll of film (I also snuck some pictures of my little 6 week old foster kitty on the roll) to the photo department at work and went home again to turn on the air for the cats (okay, so they're spoiled). It's not 8:30 p.m. and I'm counting the seconds till 9:45. I'm starting to run on empty. But the day went okay for the most part.

I just finished helping talk Air Princess through putting her Cattio together for her kitties. I warned her when she got it the directions were awful and she'd have to try and do it without them. It's all pictures with no words which gets frustrating. I also have one. She just called me to say it's in and the cats are already in it. They are going to love it.

Well, I'm going to check the rest of the threads. Hope everybody else had a nice day.


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Those afternoon thunderstorms get to be a bit of a drag here in Florida when they are a daily occurance. You can't even talk on the phone or take a shower for fear of being killed by lightning. This is no joke. I'm not a wuss by any means, but last week I was in the shower during a storm. A bolt hit really close just as I was shutting off the water. Felt the electricity go up both arms.

As far as summer vacations go in the teaching profession, I'm with you all the way! Only problem for me is that as the summer drags on I revert more and more to being the night person that I really am. The first couple of weeks back at school 5:30 am comes awfully early!
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Hi Deb, We sometimes get those scary t-storms, too, but today was just a nice rain and some distant thunder. I still unplugged the computers and avoided the phone. I am really worried about the beginning of school, since I am seeing 3 and 4 am every night (morning?) Not that I am complaining! Enjoy your late nights. Brenda
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Hi Brenda:

And welcome, by the way.

:LOL: I know exactly what you mean. Last night was an early night for me at 12:30 or so. I see you are in PA. I grew up in NJ and miss the days of playing in the rain and ants that were harmless. Here in FL, we have these nasty little creatures called fire ants that bite and it hurts like the dickens.

What do you teach? I work in elementary, mostly intermediate grades. I work in a Title I school.
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Blue... I would call you today, also, but you told me you have no phone. I wish I COULD talk to you on the phone.

call me!
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