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help us

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Hello everyone...

I am a volunteer at Israel's only Cat's shelter.
We had some very rough times - financial difficulties mainly. and then - a month ago - some people broke into our shelter, killed cats, wounded many, chased away most, and then - stole our only power generator. Again.

I went ot see the after math, and quickly called in a volunteers meeting, but guess what... no one but me and another volunteer - showed up.

We're desperate, and we need donations to save our shelter, and all 600 cats in it, and all the cats that need help on the streets (about a million, estimated). Im sending our link - please open your heart and donate. No one else seems to help anymore...

Please visit:

Thank you for your help, lets hope for better days.

God bless you all
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Originally posted by nunny
some people broke into our shelter, killed cats, wounded many, chased away most
OMG! I have tears streaming down my face. How can human beings behave this way??? The cats and the volunteers must be so traumatized. I hope they are able to find the people who did this and that they are punished severely.

P.S. I sent in a large donation last month.
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Nunny, we posted about your desperate situation on Save Samoa, and with your permission I would really like to add your words to the page we have there for CWSI.

This is just so heartbreaking, for all of the cats in Israel.
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I too am sad, got an email from someone telling me first hand what these hideous beings did to these poor cats! I hope Nunny the letter I sent to Rivi helps and finds a benefactor or two among those who will read it. I wish I could do more, I truly do.......
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Thank you all! your support is beyond appreciated... its absolutely reviving.
Heidi - you have my permission to do whatever it takes, advertise wherever, really - every effort counts! thank you so much.
Im sure you're doing everything you can, and I can't tell you how touching that is!

I will, however, ask your permission to post at the cat's lounge - to reach more people. What do you think?
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Hi Nunny - haven't seen you on Friday - where are you girl??

We have posted about the CWSI recent plights here about a week or two ago. I'm afraid it can't be posted in the lounge - as this would be against the forums guidelines.

What you could do is make your signature into a line about the plight of the CWSI and a link to the website (making it a clickable link). If you setup the text of your signature - I'll make it link properly.
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Hey Anne... I pm'd you...

Im sorry, I didn't know you already posted about it all. I will do as you suggested - add it to my signature. Thank you for your help!
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