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IBS and drooling saliva

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I recently adopted a stray who is about two years old (and apparently un-neutered). Since I have had him he has had bad diarrhia and vommiting. I had a homeopathic vet see him and give him homeopathic medicine. I also tried aloe vera water and slippery elm.

Recently (when he stopped eating for a few days), I took him to the New York Humane Society (the cheapest place to take him as I have NO money!) and they took him into hospital.

They took blood and x-rayed him etc...and turns out he is all fine. They suspect he has IBS but would not know for sure until they did a biopsy. Until then, I am giving him Metrozondale (or something like that) and antibiotics. Anyway, since I have been giving him the medication he has started drooling saliva everywhere....It could just be his gag reflex being weird as I am giving him the antibiotics with injection thing in his mouth...but I am worried (and have a call into the vet). When I was giving him the homeopathic medicine, the same thing happened and the vet said could be gag reflex and I think it did stop then?

So, my questions now, are 1. Does anyone know what the drooling may be? Could be gag reflex gone bad? and 2. Does anyone know about IBS in cats and natural remedies? I would rather not give him the medication they may prescribe (some cortizone thing) and I would rather him not have the biopsy.

Thank you!!!
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The best I can hazzard a guess to is that he ate some wood. The slivers can get caught in the tounge and cause a large amount of drooling, and a cat's system isn't set up for digesting wood, so he might be trying to throw it back up. Also wood wouldn't show on an X-Ray, and it would explaine him being hesitant to eat.

Just my thoughts on it.

~ Salem
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I live in an apartment in New York!! NO wood around me!! Well, actually, now that you mention it, I have a wooden table...

Thanks for your reply.

I am just wondering if that is it, as I saw that the same thing happened when I gave him the homeopathic medicine by squriting into his mouth??

I am also worried side-effect of the medicine...or he is still sick.
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Some medications cause cats to drool.
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NoahsMommy, another member, also has a cat that has IBS and I know she didn't want to give medications but tried changing his diet first.

If you go to this link, IBS there is info that talks about IBS and NoahsMommy also included a link to a Yahoo group that also deals with IBS. She is feeding her cat Micah, a raw diet and it seems to have helped him greatly but much research is required to make sure you are continually giving the cats a balanced diet with all necessary nutrients.

The drooling could be a number of things. Cats drool with certain medications, dental problems, etc. I would consult the vet that gave you the medication and ask his/her opinion.
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If he only drools after given the medication, it could be that whatever he is getting make him drool. Metronidazole DOES make cats drool like crazy.
Also, sometimes just the stress factor will make them drool.
I would keep a close eye on him for any other symtoms.If anything else is going on, I would get him back to the vet.
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I am giving him the Metronodizole (or whatever it is called!), so maybe that is the answer!! Thanks!! I am still waiting to hear back from the vet.

And thanks also for IBS info. It is hard as I don't have a lot of time or $$. The vet gave him this new food with lamb and barley as suppsoed to help....
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