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Weird flappy belly thing..

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We have two neutered males (Jake and Elwood) who are 14 months old (they are brothers). We adopted them from a shelter at 5 months old and they had both JUST been fixed (approx. two days before). They are healthy, happy fuzzballs but I recently noticed that Jake has this weird hanging flappy thing on his belly. His tummy is not distended or anything. It just looks like a flap of loose skin/fur. His brother does not have this hangy thing.

I heard somewhere that sometimes neutered males get this. Is this true? Neither of my other two males had this either and I was wondering, is this normal or should I be concerned?
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LMAO. I thought only females got this after spaying?? Some people call it a fat pad. ChiChi's is huge.. if totally bounces back and forth when she runs.. same with Zoey hers is getting big too.. I dont know what to do!
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It is perfectly common and shows in both males and females unless you have the heavily muscled breed cats they don't show it as much. My uneducated guess is that while the vet is in there cutting some muscle tendons must also get clipped? I don't know, just like I said, guessing.
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Gee... is Jake really Jake? Or should he be Jaqueline? HAHAHAHA!

Naw.. he's really male.

Fat pad, huh? I hope it doesn't get any bigger or else he's gonna trip all over himself!!!
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My cat Oreo has the same thing. He was neutered about a month ago, but he had it before he was neutered. He's definitly not fat though, so I have no clue what the heck the deal is!
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Here is a link of a picture of the Sammycat. Is this what you are talking aboout with the belly thing? He did get this after his neutering but Oscar my Tabby didn't, Go fiqure! I think some kitties are more prone to this than others but then I am no expert either so don't take my word for it.
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yeah yeah - that's it! That's what my poor Jake has. It's very weird. He doesn't seem to care, though.
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I heard somewhere that the belly fat pad is to protect the abdominal area from damage in a cat fight (think rabbit-kicks - ouch!). It's not a problem unless it gets big & the cat is overweight - the overweight can contribute to health problems.
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hmm... interesting! Makes sense. But then again, why don't both my guys have it?
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Well, My Bengal was neutered at three months, and I think he got the pouch the next day(lol).

A male cat I had some years ago was neutered at a later age, and never got one. go figure.
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LOL My big Manx had a flap that almost swept the ground. Being a wide body on top of it, it was highly amusing to see him running (swing, shake, swing, shake).

All my boys are fixed and only about a quarter of them have that belly swing going for them.
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Well it's comforting ot know that Jake's not a mutant! And he could seem to care less... as long as there's food in their dish, a clean litter box and scritches to be had, it's all good to him!
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weird flappy belly thing

My Amber has it and its so funny to see her trot and the belly going side to side! The fur sticks out there too so when you view her walking away from you it looks like a small 'fro. (I've always wanted to use this smiley)
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Exactly! I cant believe I dont have a decent picture of Zoey's fat pad.
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It's not uncommon from what I hear for them to have the fat pad.

My Sphinx has the same thing. I can't really tell on Kuce because she's a slightly larger breed.

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I got one! Look at this thing!
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That's the thing! Gee, I thought it was just Jake. I'm comforted!

By the way - what BEAUTIFUL fur babies!
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