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6-month-old kitten eliminating in son's room. HELP!

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my husband rescued a 6 month old kitten and she keeps 'eliminating' in my sons room. Now I keep the door closed and it seemed to work until I found her 'eliminating' in our closet (next to my wedding dress btw jaw-dropping.gif)


I cant seem to get her to stop. We have two litter boxes but we keep them next to eachother in the bathrrom since we live in a small apartment. I already have one cat that I rescued and he has no problems. I dont know what to do anymore. I'm trying to find the kitten a home. I cant have both cats especially when my cat is over protective (he was living with us a few months before her)


I have one of the litter boxes in our closet right on top of the places she 'eliminated' and hope she gets the hint.


If anyone else has any other ideas PLEASE HELP! I'm on my last straw and am pregnant so I'm not even supposed to be around the poop.

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Because you said your other cat is "overprotective" it could be one main reason why the newcomer may be defecating outside the box. Perhaps the kitten does not like sharing the box. 

Or he dislikes the litter you use. Or he may be ill.

Try adding one more litter box and see what happens. 

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Ugh.  No fun.  To add to what Yayi has already said; you have to really clean the areas where she has gone.  A good enzyme cleaner is very helpful.  Your cats can smell what we cannot and will go back to a spot based on that smell.  I have had good success with Natures Miracle; I just had to make sure I thoroughly saturated the areas and let it dry.  


These articles might be a help to you:,, and  I added the last link there because I thought maybe something in that one will help the two get along since you mentioned the other is over protective.  It could very well be that the new kitty is stressed and doesn't feel comfortable going in the other boxes because they are your other cat's territory.  

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Using cheap disposable gloves will protect you from anything that might be in their poo.  This page might be helpful:

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Firstly, it's erroneous (and so very harmful to cats and those who love them!) for anyone to tell you that you "shouldn't be around cats" because you are pregnant.  My mother certainly did not contemplate abandoning and betraying her beloved cat, who had been with  her and my dad for over 3 years, when she became pregnant!  There were none of the paranoid scare tactics used on her that there are in this society these days; she wore no gloves and didn't resort to hazmat procedures or anything like them.  She did something quite simple and effective:  she WASHED HER HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER and she (and her family) have been some of the healthiest, and kindest and most compassionate and personally responsible, people around.  


Regarding your kitten, has she had a vet checkup and basic kitten innoculations, and is she neutered, and she absolutely should be by age six months?  If health issues have been ruled out in relation to her elimination, definitely make sure she has her own litterbox which is kept clean, and if she and your older cat have any problems in bonding, play is often a great help, especially with wand-type toys such as Cat Dancer, da Bird, Neko Flies, etc.  Playtime can help ease stress in cats and be a good time for multiple cats to enjoy one another's company. 


Hoping and praying your cats can stay together, and that everything works out well for them.  

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I'm glad you said that. I was just told by nurses that the cats poop can be harmful to me and the baby, and I do wash my hands everytime I clean the litter. I was just worried since I have been cleaning extra poop around the house and I assumed nurses would know about that kind of stuff. But my husband said basically the same thing. It's just one of those things that, like you said, is a scare tactic.

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UPDATE: 6-month-old kitten eliminating in son's room. HELP!

You guys are awesome! I got alot of great advice and I have some pretty good news!

First off, I took the kitten to the vet just to see what was the deal. We learned that the kitten is nuetered and is a male. Now were trying to figure out if my cat, Mac, is neutered. He has 'skin' where his testicles go but as far as actually having testicle is a mystery until we get him checked out.

Anyways, we decided to give the cats their own space, so we put the kitten in the bathroom (its the only room he hasn't defecated in. We gave him a brand new litter box and fresh litter (our theory is Mac is spraying in the litter boxes) We also gave him his own food and water.


Now I know some people may be upset at this but hear me out. We live in a two bedroom small apartment and like I said, the bathroom is the only room that the kitten hasn't defecated in. Mac had his own litter box in the kitchen (which was quite stinky at times if I may add) and gave him his own food and water.  We kept the kitten in the bathroom over night and let him out at dinner time. My husband got up for school and didn't find any feces on the floor. But when he left, he closed the door to the bathroom and the kitten eliminated on the floor next to the door.


I believe our plan worked. We haven't had any issues, so far, today. As far as Mac goes, I think he realized that the kitty isn't all that bad, but he still get jealous when I pet the kitty.


So I want to thank everyone for replying to my post you guys were a great help!

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