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Need Help (traveling)

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I just received a kitten, 8 weeks old. What am I going to do with my cat when I need to travel?

I assume if I am only gone for a week, she will be fine, as long as I leave her plenty of food and water, BUT what if I need to leave for a couple of weeks???

Thanks for any help,
Nathan H.
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If you have to leave her for a week or longer Id suggest that you ask either a neighbor or a relative to stop in and check on her, cos even if you leave plenty of food down for her, her water will need changing, and she will still need some cuddles! If you don't have anyone to do this for you think about taking her to a boarding cattery, where they will do it all for you and make sure she gets lots of attention, some cats don't like it but others are just fine, you can hunt around for the luxury ones or very good ones that aren't too expensive! Failing all that take the blighter with you!

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Ps, I just noticed this is your first post - so WELCOME!!!!! Nice to have you!

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Thank you for the welcome and the useful information.

Before I start to call, do you know of any average prices for a boarder for a day or a week?
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Well here in the uk its not usually too expensive, but unfortuantely I don't have a clue about prices in your area, your best bet is just to phone around and ask - they'll be used to it!

Prices here are usually around £7.00 a night which is about $4 - 5.00 I think. Hope that helps!

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