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Monday DT

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So its monday again.

Getting ready to go to the gym this arvo. Today I start a new fitness plan, and the first thing I did was take a photo of myself in a swimsuit - it is my "before" photograph - good golly, its terrible!

We will see as time goes by in that fitness plan of mine and see how I do.

Going camping on Friday night so it should be good!

Have a great monday ya'll!
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Oh yeah, and we have to pick up the new clutch parts to put in the car. I sure hope that is the last of the problems for a while, but somehow I doubt it.
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Looks like I have started another bout of insomnia! I am so tired. I didn't even get a wink of sleep lasy night. I kept poking Merlin so he would play with me but for a change he wanted to sleep!

Tonight it is the final performance night for the 2 remaining contestants on Canadian Idol. My fav Billy Klipper got the boot last week. I guess my vote will go to Ryan Malcolm - he is definately the best of the 2 remaining.

Is it home time yet?
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Originally posted by adymarie
Tonight it is the final performance night for the 2 remaining contestants on Canadian Idol. My fav Billy Klipper got the boot last week.
I was soooo upset when Billy left! I couldn't believe it. But you know that he will get a contract somewhere else. I actually think it's better that he didn't become the Canadian Idol. He will have more choice and flexibility with whatever contract he now signs.

Originally posted by adymarie
Is it home time yet?

I need to vent.

Well, this weekend started off on the wrong foot. In Ontario, there is a program called DriveClean that tests your car for toxic emissions and makes you repair your car till it passes the DriveClean test. So, our car was tested and didn't pass . The mechanic called us and said it would cost approx. $230 to fix it. Fine, we told him to go ahead with the repairs. Rob went to pick up the car Friday and the total bill cost $780!!!!! He flipped and the manager came out and admitted to the mistake but only would take $100 dollars off the bill! Rob almost refused to sign the bill, but we needed our car since we were going to the cottage.

So, DriveClean made us use a mechanic we were not familiar with, and screwed us over in the process!!! I hate mechanics and only trust our regular guy, but DriveClean has 'authorized' garages that you have to take your car to. Plus, if you don't do the DriveClean test, you can't renew your license plates or sell your car!

We're writing to the Ontario Drive Clean program with our complaints, but it won't do us any good. I hate unethical garages!!!!!

Ok, my venting is over....
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I can't wait to buy a Billy Klippart CD.

That is horrid about the mechanic. They thinmk that they can do what ever they want to your car once they have it in their evil clutches (no pun intended). Hopefully it passed Drive Clean now!
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OH MY GOSH, I HATE buisness mechanics, we have been screwd so many times by (dare I say it) Firestone, the guys here are so lazy, just for a basic oil change, the truck sits there for four bloody hours before they touch it!!! Arrrrgh!!! And this is on their slow days. SOB (cursing here) Anyway, there aren't regulations, so they can pretty much screw you, really angers me. I do hope you write them a good letter, they have to know they have screwy mechanics!

I'm drinking coffee after feeding my son, need to eat but too lazy...maybe pancakes...hmmm
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Today I start a new fitness plan, and the first thing I did was take a photo of myself in a swimsuit - it is my "before" photograph - good golly, its terrible!
Did that once and hung it on my refrigerator....the picture lasted a week and in disgust I took it down and ripped it up. Good luck on the new plan.

Monday work blues here....
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LOL!! Momofmany, I don't think you should complain, you seem pretty slim in your pics with all your cats I will never ever wear a bathing suit till I get back to my size 4 and probably won't since I have the stretch marks! EECK!

Well got my e-bay items!! Whooohoo, a hippie peasant shirt from NatureChild and a Seiko watch for my hubby. Waiting for him to come home and try it out. Ordered another wallet for my hubby since my son has chewed his like a dog! LOL! And a book that I've wanted Naomi Wolf, forgot the title but something about Misconceptions, etc about motherhood...

other than that slow day...will go to soccer store to buy a few tidbits as a gift for a client.

ate noodles
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I started out the morning by dropping my toothbrush on the toilet plunger! So, I had to brush my teeth with my finger. Ick!

I'm heading straight to WalMart after work to buy a new toothbrush so I can go home and brush my teeth!
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ewwww I hate that, I've dropped mine in the toilet

well went to get some PepsiVanilla!

nada much...can't decide on the FordFocus, they are offering 0% for 72 months, the payment if I don't put any downpayment is $203/month, but if I put $1,000, they will match it and give me the 0% for 72 months for $175/month. What do ya think?
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Just got back from Todd's funeral. Whoa was that hard! But we all made the best of it & everyone dug out pictures from the past. We laughed & cried so much today. After the ceremony & lunch, we all went down to the bar. It just didn't feel right with out him, but we all knew he was there with us. We had a nice toast to him & had a good ol time. It was great to see our whole group of friends & we promised each other that we'd get together more often.

Other than all of that, today was good. I'm exhausted & ready for bed...and it's only 6 pm!

Hope everyone had a good day!
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Busy day, today. We didn't get out of queue, all day - the calls came one right afer the other, without a breather in between. That DID make the day go faster, though!

I came home and made a meatloaf and cheddar & bacon potatoes. Bill says that I'm the only person, besides his mother, who can make decent meatloaf. He say that his is awful. HOW do you screw up meatloaf?
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Went to find my first book from the bookcrossing, pretty cool to find it! Hubby thinks I'm crazy.

Finished barbeuing chicken tikka
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It's been a horrible week so far here. It all started on Thursday and hasn't been good yet.(ok except for today so hopefully my run of s**t for the week is used up) I guess it's like they say, you can only go up from here right?
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hope things get better for you
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thank you Jellybelly. I appreciate(and needed)that.
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