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FYI on Rock&Fluff'sMom (Kathy)

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I just received an email from Rock&Fluff'sMom (Kathy). She said that she's going through some personal issues right now, but she wanted everyone to know that she's ok. She really misses everyone & once everything settles down, she'll be back on her chatting with everyone.

I prefer not to go into any details about what is happening (I'll let her explain everything when she comes back), but please know that she's doing fine & will need some support in the future. I told her I'd fill her in with everyone comments & the latest news with everyone.

Thanks everyone!

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I hope that everything is ok! I will keep her in my prayers.
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I hope everything is okay as well. She is in my thoughts and I hope she comes back soon. Mega hugs for Kathy.
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Hugs Kathy!
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Many people are having a rough time these days. I hope whatever is bothering you will work itself out soon!

(((((((((( Kathy ))))))))))

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Kathy we do miss you terribly, I have been thinking alot about you lately, Shell pass on my best wishes and Tonnes of hugs, I hope she feels better soon!
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Hello Shell... Tell Kathy that she is in my thoughts and prayers and that she will come back to us soon.
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I hope she will be okay with whatever it is she is going through....I will send up a prayer for her. Tell her we all care and are thinking of her!!!!!!!
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Hope she's ok and will be back soon! We'll miss her.
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i sure hope she's ok... i'll keep her in my prayers for whatever she is going thru..
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Thanks Guys! I shot off a email to her tonight telling her how much she is missed & about all the hugs, vibes & prayers.

She's going through a hard time right now, so please give her some support. She's going to need it! I think she'd really love to receive a PM or email from you guys...it would brighten her day!
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Sending prayers and *hugs*
Hope everything works out for the best for her!
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