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Does Feliway work?

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Does Feliway work?

I've seen it recommended in various threads, but the threads normally end before there's a clear answer on how effective it is for the overall group of people trying it. I'd like to run a poll (I posted a similar question on another site) to see how it's worked for people.
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I cant find the other thread . Where did you post for your question ?
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Sorry for the confusion - I had seen Feliway mentioned in many archive threads, as well as:


Also, I've seen it mentioned on other Web sites, in their forums. I've posted here in another cat-related forum, just a poll to see how effective it's been for people.

Since it's a little expensive, and people are so affected by their cat's behavior, it would be nice to know what the general success (or not) has been.
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ChiChi at my parents house hates going to the vet. Last trip I bought my mom feliway and told her to spray it into the carrier before she took ChiChi to the vet. She said she cried a little in the beginning but then was quiet the rest of the way. Therefore I think it worked ok in our case.
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As you can see in my siggi I have a lot of cats . I also had a few problems like fights and peeing on the rug due to the next door cat comming and eat from my outsite cats food . I do have the feliway-plug in about a month now and have seen a # of things has changed . The peing next to the door on the rug is gone , so nobody pee there any more . Also I notive that the fights in the living room have stoped . I also notice that some cat who were kind of stress and never seem to relax , are lelaxing now . Raffael and Moses did not like me to pet them at all , it atract the other cats for jeloesy (sp) but were sitting near by . Now I can pet them and they are more relaxed and not stressed out any more .I also notice more play time with the cats with each other . So after a month having the feliway plug-in I would recoment it to all cat owner . I will buy me the spray now for the vet visit to spray the cage and also will buy one more plug-in for my bedroom and the hallway bathroom . So I give it a 3 times paw up
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
So I give it a 3 times paw up
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It worked for me and my smallest kitten, Sophie. She was urinating on my bed (ugh) almost daily after we got her. I got the Feliway and made an appointment with the vet, but before the appointment -- and after using the Feliway -- the errant piddling stopped altogether. Now it's been a month without a SophieAccident (TM). Couldn't be happier!

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Disaster here: I watched my cat walk up to the Feliway plug this evening and spray on it. I'm taking him to the vet to make sure he isn't physically ill......sigh....I was one of the "maybe's" on the poll.
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Oh boy, Mom - sorry...

How long have you used it? The trials I've seen said there's a decrease in spraying over time.

I bought two plug-ins today; It was hard to find a "good" outlet for them - all of our outlets are tucked behind furniture. I am considering the spray would have been better.

I haven't had them long enough to estimate if there's been any affect on behavior, but I'll report in.
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