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I'm Back

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Hi All,

I am back from holiday and in the world of communication again.

I finally went and picked up Tigerlily last week. I now feel like a true member of the site. She is sooooooo adorable . It took her 2 days to stop hiding out under anything in site and another few till she was comfortable in the house but she has finally settled in and commanding the household. She is so cute, she sleeps on her back :laughing: sometimes and purrs so load my husband cannot sleep as she has chosen our pillows as her spot.

As soon as I have some pics I will post them on the site. I also have had a scan done and will scan it into the PC tonight and post that aswell, everything is fine and baby doing well.

I have not had time to catch up on all the posts as yet so I hope everyone is doing well. How are the other preggie ladies doing?? :rainbow:
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Spike !!!!

Welcome back how are you doing!!!!
We've really missed you around here
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Hello sweet sister Abysinnian (Billie) and my lovely pregnant sister (Spike)!!! Spike, I'm so happy you're back! I'm anxious to hear all about the scan for your baby! Is your due date still set at the beginning of January?? Tell us all about it!!

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Yes the due date is still 7 Jan 02. The scan went really well and we saw the baby. It was lying in the wrong place so I had to bouce up and down a few times and it did a flipover. Tarryn was in shock I think as he kept on saying " Oh yes there it is, its really there !", I don't think he quite believed it till he saw the scan.

My tummy has started to show aswell and nothing fits , I have packed away all my cloathes that do not fit so as not to get too depressed about it.

How are you doing? Tell me everything.
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It's so good to see you. You've been missed my sweet!

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going well, please keep us updated. I didn't know you could bounce up and down to change the position of the baby! :laughing: I hope all is well with that! I've never had any children, so, I'm very unaware of these things :laughing:

Anyway, great to see you!

Love &,
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Yeah! The pregnant girls are here!

Do you still have morning sickness (nearly spelled that "morning suckness" - which it is!)? I do every afternoon and I'm having trouble sleeping as well (running to pee every 2-3 hours).
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Girls thank you for sharing this miraculous (Sp?!?!?!) experience with us. It has never ceased to move me - the eternal mystery of new life!!! I do think it's the greatest thing that can ever happen to a woman and I'd like to thank you once again for being here and making us all a part of it in a way!!!
Love you all and your little babies too!
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I know what you mean Anne, I have the 2 hour bladder problem aswell. So I am awake most of the night. And then the kitten wakes me up around 5 or 6 to play sillybuggers :tounge2: .

The morning (all day) sickness has gone, I only have a couple of food aversions. But mostly I feel much better than the first 12 weeks. So hold in it should all get much better soon.

I will keep you updated.

Billie and Catarina, thanks for beeing so kind . You have put a smile on my face today.
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Here are some pics of my new baby.
I tried to get rid of the red-eye in the last pic and now she looks a bit funny?

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Spike, once again what can I say - she's so sweet!!!!!
Can anyone think of something more beautiful than young kittens????
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What a beauty! She is totally adorable!
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awww Thank You !! She is an
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Dearest Spike, :angel2:

Sorry, I haven't gotten back to this thread! I guess I tried posting and have been having trouble getting booted right before I hit submit!!!! Talk about aggrevation!!!! :LOL::laughing2:LOL::laughing2:LOL::laughing2:LOL:

How's the pregnancy going!??? It's so cool you and Anne can share your common day to day experiences. Food cravings must be wild!:icecream: :laughing2 I've never had a child...can't. But, I sure do love them! Little boogers are so darn cute! :angel2::angel2:

NEW KITTEN TOO!!!! How adorable! OMG...I loooooove kittens...such little tribbles! They're so photogenic too!!!!!

Keep us updated okay sweetie
Take care & Be Safe & God Bless You All...:angel2::angel2:

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