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I am new to this forum.

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Hi! My name is Whitney and I live in North Central Florida with my husband and our 4 year old grey Tuxie, Smokey. I enjoy working in my yard with plants and riding my Mountain bike. Smokey is an indoor cat and loves playing with two mousies and a red glowing ball. He is a sweet tempered cat and hardly does anything to upset us. Once in awhile he will scratch a chair or jump up on my husband's desk but all in all he is good. I am looking forward to reading this forum and posting my two cents worth when applicable.
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Welcome Miss Whitney! Look forward to hearing more about you and Smokey!

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Welcome Miss Whitney!
I'm sure you'll have a great time here!!
Hope to see you posting a lot dearest!
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Thank you, Billie and Michelle. This seems like a lively forum with a lot of interesting subjects. I hope to tell you more about Smokey and post a picture if allowed here, sometime.
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Hello and welcome! Do have a good nose about all the forums - they're all great! Nice to have you!

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Welcome Miss Whitney!!

What part of Florida are you from? I live in the Clearwater area.

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I am sure you are going to have fune here
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Hope to hear more from you!!:flower: :flower:
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Robin, I live near High Springs, FL, which is near Gainesville, FL. I have lived here for 15 years. I love Florida and have relatives in South Florida. We are having a lot of rain lately and our grass is growing much too fast...LOL.

Thank you Bodlover, Spike and Chloe. Everyone seems so nice. I will enjoy posting here, I'm sure.
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Welcome, Miss Whitney and Smokey. I, too, have a cat named Smokey. Mine is female and she thinks she is a "ballerina" (not a CAT) She loves to dance on tippy-toes standing up on her hind legs. You can see a picture of her and her twin sister, Squeaker, in the thread: Post Pictures of Your Beautiful Cats. . . . Please, feel free to post a picture of your Smokey (and one of yourself as well) We hope to hear from you here at the Cat Site often.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Welcome to the cat site. I hope you have lots of fun here. I have learned alot here and everyone is so nice.
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It's nice to have you come to our wonderful site! I hope you stick around you'll find we have a great bunch of people here. Lot's of interesting topics and trust me, you'll find a new family here! Welcome to Smoaky too!

Love, Peace &,
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Thank you all. I love those icons and that Swammie that Catarina 77777 attached. Wow, you have a lot of options on here. I was looking to see how to post pictures. As soon, as I figure it out, I will post one of Smokey and maybe one of me in the appropriate places. I see you have a lot of subjects on here. Interesting to read, too.
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Welcome Miss Whitney:
I just joined this site a week ago, and I'm already addicted to this site. A lot of nice and helpful members here.
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One more try!
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MissWhitney!!!!!!! Welcome to you!!!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to post pics of Smokey here, and of yourself if you like...and feel free always to join in any thread, and any conversation! We look forward to your opinions on things!!!
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Welcome Whitney! I'm definitely looking forward to reading your two cents worth! You'll very much enjoy it here. Everyone is honest, fun, sweet, and hilarious. This is a wonderful place!

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Thank you for all the welcomes. I did put Smokey on the Pictures of the Beautiful Cats thread. I will post a picture of me soon. Need to decide on one...LOL.

I did enjoy the dancing little guy that Hell603 placed on their post. Very cute. You all seem so clever with the icons and attachments. I tried the attachment feature and it acted like it worked but didn't. Went to the link option. I need to practice some more. Thanks again.:blossom:
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Hi there! :angel2:

I am so happy to see that you both are into animations! I just love them myself and I'm going to give you a quick lesson on how to put these little guys up here

Okay, since there are different ways you can put the smilies/gifs onto your posting, I'm going to start with the easiest way. On the left side of the posting page, you'll see the smilies and then the "GET MORE" sign underneath them. As you're posting and you feel like you want to show your emotion, just go there, click on "Get More" and choose which smilie that you'd like to use. Click on it and that will be posted right where your cursor was…I'd rather just tell you this way and not confuse you with other stuff, but you'll see that you can always add them wherever you'd like if you missed a spot! Then, after a while, it gets really easy, because you'll remember the codes.
Let's just say I thought you were such an :angel2: for doing such a nice thing…well, there ya go…I remembered that they're four angels in our smilies and I chose which one I liked to use at that time. So, it takes time, you'll catch on to it
Now, in order to place a gif onto your posting…(those little guys you loved so much , like the geneie…remember he was so Just find the gif that you like online…right click on it with your mouse and you'll see a list of options, one of them being…"Save as" then just click on save as…type in the name if you don't like the one given to it (usually I change the name, so I can remember the file, sometimes the gif and the name have no relevance to one another whatsoever) then make sure you put it in the file associated with it. For now, let's just say you put it in your "my pictures" file on your computer. I have about 8 different file names for jpgs & gif,'s because I love working with them so much. I have a gazillion and use them on my website and or for fun and emails. So, now you've downloaded it into "your pictures". When you come to post that gif or jpg all you need to do when you're about to submit the posting is to hit browse and go to my pictures in your computer. This will allow you to see your files and you can choose which one you'd like to use. Then, pick it and click on open and you're done!!!! All you have to do after that is click on Submit! Pretty cool stuff huh? :

Anne has a tutorial somewhere around here I know...I just have to find it! :laughing2:LOL: :laughing2:LOL:

Have fun ...

Love &,
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I think I've got it figured out now. Thanks a lot for instructions.
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Miss Whitney:
What a cute photo! How can you not love such an adorable
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Welcome Miss Whitney!! And that is such a cute kitty!
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