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biting for no apparent reason

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Hi, I have a question re: my cat's behavior. I have a male sphynx who is fixed and just over 1 yr old. He is very lovable and affectionate and follows me everywhere all the time. But all of a sudden he will just start to misbehave. His eyes will get wide and start flapping his tale and he bites my arm. When I tell him no, he tried for my face, although not really biting but going for it. He lets out this meow (not friendly) and bites again. I usually have to spray him w/ the watergun and put him in the bathroom for a few minutes. When he comes out, he cuddles up on my lap as if trying to make up with me. It is not a playful act either when he does this. I've noticed that it usually happens if I am paying attention to someone else besides him but sometimes also for no apparent reason. I am getting a kitten in march and I am a little concerned about his behavior. Do you think I am better off getting a male or female and why do you think he is doing this. Please let me know. Thank you
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It sounds to me like he is using his hunting skills on you. Kittens will do this with each other when playing. If he has no other cats to play with, you are the only option. Sphynx cats are very playful and energetic. You should keep using the squirt bottle or you can take out a teaser so that he takes the aggression out on that. Male/female really wont matter in a kitten. Usually one will end up the more dominant one. I would make sure the new kitten is very playful and doesn't show any skiddish tendencies though. The new kitten may help the whole situation, 2 cats are usually better than one.
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Hi Eve and welcome to the forums!

I think you're doing the right thing by putting him in the bathroom. I think you shouldn't shout at him when he does that (a loud but very calm "No" is okay).

If you use the squirt, don't use it as a punishment. Try as best you can not to let him notice that you're the one squirting him. You want him to associate the unpleasant experience with his misbehavior but not with you.

I agree, a second kitten can relieve some of his agressiveness by keeping him busy. Just make sure you introduce them properly (you can find several threads about this in this forum).
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