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getting remarried !!!!

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Some time ago, I spoke to you about getting remarried to my wife and thought it would be nice- you lot agreed - sort of like a blessing or whatever you call it! can it be called getting remarried after 8 years of marriage to her in march? Anyway, she was thrilled and we pretty much decided to do it when we next get to Niagara falls - we were hoping to vacation in toronto next year for a couple of weeks.
Well, we now intend to be out back end of march for a lot, lot, lot , lot longer(life)(I like it cold - not that cold to start a new life off!!!) and therefore, we will be doing it the first chance we get when we are out there.
I must be getting old - I am looking forward to it all again although it cant be as terrifying as it was the first time! Neat eh?

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That is awesome Kev! We knew your wife would go for it!

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That sounds lovely kev, congrats!!
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Congratulations Kev!
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As there is no sand in Sandbach......can I come to Kev, I dont eat much and I am litter trained..LOL

Congratulations and i hope you both have a wonderful time.
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Sounds like <G>, congratulations!
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That is so awesome Kev! Congratulations! Do one for your 25th too.

My parents remarried/affirmation of vows for their 25th Anniversary. Guess who did the ceremony? ME! Ah, it was so nice.
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Excellent!! Congratulations.
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hey kev,

congrats..make sure u take pics for us to see!!!
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Congrats Kev! That's very exciting my friend!
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Carol is a lucky woman and this time your son Christopher can be the best man! Congrats!
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