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Worried Cat lover

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I have 2 cats. Moose is 2 years BDS. We have recently moved to a house in an new area, there have been a few moving guys and there are people outside buidling our deck. Our cat Moose has displayed some serious aggressive behaviour towards my live in boyfriend and family who enter off the deck into kitchen of our house, to the point where we have had to ask them to go around and come in the garage. He's a pretty easy going cat and this behaviour is shocking and upsetting to me. How do I find out what the problem is and how do I rectify it? Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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Moving is always stressful both for cat and owner. I would be concerned that there might be leftover pet stains inside the house or even outside. If there is a PetSmart near you, they sell blacklight flashlights. I would invest in one, and when it is completely dark outside, go out and shine this light around. The illumination stains you see are urine stains.

I would also invest in a feliway room mister and keep it in the room closest to the doorway giving him fits. You might also start asking your boyfriend to start working out and give you his sweaty teeshirt when he is finished with his workout. Put the shirt on the floor and start feeding the cat directly on top of the shirt.

Those are my tips, I am sure others will have some as well. Welcome on board!
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I was thinking that there might be urine marks on the new decking wood (possibly stored outside with ferals living by it). Perhaps bleach out the decking wood to get any odor out of it. Since it's only happening by one door, there is something weird about either that door, that room, or the new decking material.
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When people enter via the deck, is Moose able to see them through a window? And when visitors enter via the garage, Moose cannot see them through a window and does not display aggression? He is probably either confused about seeing them outside first or he may be associating any visitors with those nasty people banging on the deck all day long.

When my kitty was younger, she didn't understand "windows" and though she loved her dad when he was INSIDE the house, she would freak out if she saw him through a window. It took her a long time to figure it all out. Because she was indoor only from birth, I think she thought the windows were her own private TV. . in other words either not real or a different world. Even though her dad looked exactly the same through the window , he was in that OTHER world and she thought he was a different person.

If Moose were my cat, I would simply have people arrive via the garage. Simple. There is nothing wrong with Moose. He's just confused and under stress.
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