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lost rabbit

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Oh, I'm so sad! My hubby was outside having a smoke this morning and he called me to come quick. I came out and there was a big ol' bunny rabbit out in the street (right in the middle of LA, which makes it even more odd). It is obviously someone's pet which must have escaped. It's too big to be wild and looks like one of the breeds I saw at the LA County Fair yesterday! Except of course it was very dirty and a bit scruffed up. We tried to catch it but it ran like hell everytime we got near to it, so we figured we better quit before it ran away. I immediately came in and started calling for Animal Control, Animal Shelters, Humane Society, etc. Couldn't get an answer ANYWHERE! (I guess they think animals don't get lost on Sunday's?) Well, by the time I got back outside to see if I could catch it again it was gone! I looked all over around the house and up the alleys and it was nowhere to be found. I'm so sad. I hope someone is able to catch it and help it! Who knows what will happen to it. Anyway, I just had to share that and get it off my chest!
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maybe someone will find it before something bad happens I used to have a rabbit in college, I fed it the wrong stuff, the food that makes them big for competition, it was this advance growth food, he grew so big!!! Too big to keep in a dorm!!! And he would always escape his cage and when I would get back from class, papers would be messed up and half eaten~! My roommate at the time was more than forgiving because he liked her stuff more! LOL!! I had to give him to a rabbit owner, we called him Fat Boy because he really did get big!!! I remember he was so little and furry and soft, aw the fur was so soft and he was really sweet for a rabbit.
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Awwww I hope someone finds that rabbit!

Seems like people here find the most interesting animals - turtles, rabbits, whats next?
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If you have a big old empty card board box, put it outside on its side. Put lettuce and carrots and a bowl of water out. Go to the pet store and get rabbit food and sprinkle that around on the ground. Poor thing is so hungry and scared, whatever you do don't chase it- no win situation, you cannot catch a loose rabbit.
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why dont you tell that lady who found the tortoise on her doorstep this week - maybe the pair were in the middle of a race this week and turned off wrongly!!!!

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Thanks, hissy, I will do what you suggested! I hope he comes back!
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LOL Kev!!!!!!!!
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KEV!! LMAO!!! I didn't even think of that!
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LOL kev!!!! You rock!!!
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You said the rabbit was too big to be wild. Was the rabbit brown with long ears that stood straight up. If it was brown it was likely a Jackrabbit, they get very big (VERY big, bigger than any pet bunny I have ever seen), and are native to the southern Cali area (as well as all of the desert southwest). If it wasn't a natural brown it was definitely a pet bunny. And yes, jackrabbits do go hang out in cities.
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is the rabbit back yet??
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