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Sunday DT

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nada...slow day, humid, about to rain maybe day...
drinking cup of coffee while son wreaks havoc on the recycle bin but now he wants to punch keys on the keyboard~~

saw Malibu's Most Wanted (Jamie Kennedy is in it) I found it absolutely funny!!
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No big plans for today. I'm going to relax on the couch for a couple hours & watch the NASCAR race. Then I'm up to run a few errands & back home to clean. I'm just not in the mood to clean...but it needs to be done!
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Football, naps on the couch and a pot of chili for dinner here. Spending the morning de-tapeworming the cats....fleas showed up a few weeks ago and brought tapeworms with them. Doing a mass droncit this morning followed by cleaning litter boxes, vacuuming and cleaning the last remnants of fleas. Have pilled all but Tigger (my very shy boy) thus far and only one minor scratch on my finger. Also going to start experimenting with wrapping our cat tree with sisal. Never did that before.....
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I got up at the crack of dawn. I already washed my Lincoln, inside and out, whewwwwww. Then went to the store and got lots-o-crap. Well, fun stuff that I don't need but HAVE to have.

And now I'm on my way to the salon for a color,cut, and fluff. Really an unfluff, whenever I go there I always have her blowdry my red hot red tresses straight. I like the change from the everyday natural curls.

Hope everyone is going to have a beautiful day. I think that hurracaine(sure sp?) is somewhere close or coming because the weather is humid and sticky, and icky and hot.
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Well, lets see, a lazy day today then a meeting this arvo *groan* but thats okay.
Kahu actually came and sat on Jake's chest! That really amazed us because he has never done that before - normally he will only let us pat him and if we pick him up, its only for a very short time and he wants to be put down. He didnt have any human contact til he was 4 months old so its hard for him to get used to it. (his last owner was very sick with cancer and couldnt touch him) He has made amazing progress and I am so proud of him.

Made Jake breakfast in bed, something I have never done before

Ohh, a movie just came on hbo and it looks interesting.

have a great day ya'll!
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Originally posted by 55Dali

And now I'm on my way to the salon for a color,cut, and fluff. Really an unfluff, whenever I go there I always have her blowdry my red hot red tresses straight. I like the change from the everyday natural curls.
Do you ever blow dry it straight at home? I did it for 9 years & finally gave up on the hassle. Last night I thought I'd try it for kicks & looks a lot different. I just put on Frizz Ease serum on my dry hair (even though it says for WET hair) & take a flat brush and a blow dryer to it. I posted pic's in the "Picture-Picture" thread.

Hope everyone's having a great day!!!!!
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We were supposed to go to a fair in Dover, Delaware to sell Tybalt's masks but the weather forecast was pretty ominous. Leather masks and rain don't mix well. It was pouring outside at 7:30 AM when we got up, so we decided to sit this one out and slept in instead.

Sitting here with my coffee (a starbucks mocha frap, actually) trying to shake the sleep cobwebs from my brain...
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Sue - what do those masks look like?
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It's raining!!! Whooo hewww!!
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Kellye, our webpage is and I am also listing some on ebay right now.
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Up at 4:30 (ugh). WHY can't I sleep on my days off? Bill slept until 7:00 and got up and cooked breakfast. We went out for groceries and I've got a load in the washer. Don't I have an exciting life?
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Arthritis pain woke me at 5am. Did some light Yoga, took a short walk went back to bed.
Have a Starbucks here, coffee frapp.

Going to the nursery to look for plants.

Reading a Dean R Koontz book.
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sorry about your arthritis! which Dean R Koontz? He's one of my fav!

well made a decision to get off this birthcontrol pill, its killing my face, one pimple after the next and I do drink a lot of water....don't know how I'll be though, maybe really moody since it'll put my hormones out of wack! Yikes....poor hubby..

just bought Winsor Pilates DVD set

contemplating the Ford deal 0%APR for 72 months on their vehicles, certain ones, I'm looking at the Ford Focus 2003. Waiting to see what the monthly will be. that would help me if we get it so that I can get out of the house and see people
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I got up early to vacuum and houseclean. Then watched Coronation Street, the Sunday morning recap of the week. (We're about 6 months behind the UK, and this week Ashley just found out that Matt is the bio father of Maxine's baby.) Then Church. And after church, my cousins arrived with their kitty for catsitting while they are away.

Right now Sam is sleeping on my bed, because the bedroom door was closed for part of the day, and he didn't get his usual quota of time on the bed. Bailey is lying on a cushion staring at the closed living room door. And cousin kitty Tatiana is lying under the couch on the other side of the door. But the lights are low, and I have classical music playing, so we are hoping things will go well. This could be a long three weeks.
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Dean Koontz
One door away from heaven... good so far.
I have read just about all of his books. My favorite was the Watchers.
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Midnight for me was my first and favorite!

Finished cooking some ground beef with stuff in it and made fried rice, about to munch while son sleeps
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I just got back from the cottage and am resizing some pics to post! Nakita had her first encounter with a frog this weekend. It was hilarious watching her look scared and then interested all at the same time!

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woohooo! pics of nakita..this week must have been weird, a turtle, rabbit, frog?
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