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Anne and I need opinions please!

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Trying something new for Meowhoo that will hopefully increase sales to the businesses who advertise there- please take a look and give us your feedback about the new scroll-bar there?

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Are we talking about the marquee thingy?

I liked it, but it stopped moving when the Meowhoo pop-up came up. Just kind of froze in motion at Advertiser #2. I've been having troubles with my computer lately though, so it's probably not on your end.

I think it's a really great idea, MA.
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The marguee is a great idea. I thought it scrolled a little slow, but I read fast and have a slow modem on my end.
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I think it is a good idea. Maybe instead of being certain advertisers though it could be the different catagories and when you click it takes you to all the listings. Like breeders, cat collars, crafts, gifts and so on. it would give everyone an added bonus and really inspire people to get a premium listing so there listing would be first when people click the catagory they are in.
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I "concur" with Princess's idea
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I like it! Two paws up from me!
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I like it too! I do think it needs to be sped up a bit though IMO.
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I like it also. I'm kind of a slow reader, so it went just perfectly for me. When things are too fast, I have trouble following them.
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I like it very much...where are the rates? LOL!
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I think it's a great idea maybe a bit slow but I have young eyes!
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I really like it alot, and like some other people have said, it does run a little slow.
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I think it looks good. And I personally don't think it's moving too slowly - but fast-moving things irk me, so it's just my personal preference.

And I think it's a good idea to have the actual advertisers listed there (as the example is showing). The categories are right underneath, so I don't see any reason to have them scrolling up on top as well. Just my opinion.
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Ummmmmm. I see the place that says "This is an example of a scrolling marquee..." But I'm afraid it doesn't scroll -- not even slowly. It just sits there saying | Meowhoo.com | Advertisers

I'm running Opera 7.11 under Windows 98, in case that's pertinent information for you.
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