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My rescued Kitten, Koneko!

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Hi Everyone!

I'd like to tell you about my kitten who was abandoned in our garden last year. Her mother was a feral cat, who gave birth to 4 kittens in our shed. We discovered them in the nest, but the mother was nowhere around. We left them incase she had just gone off to get food, but the next day, there were only 2 left. They were very cold as it was the winter, and also very hungry, so we brought them inside, and my dad went to buy 2 kitten feeding bottles and some kitten milk.
We hand fed them every couple of hours, although to start with they didn't know how to drink. They were only about 2-3 weeks old!
We kept them in a box with hay and towels, and hotwater bottles, but the third night, Kafra (the boy) went for a crawl round the box, and left moon (the girl) by herself. they both crawled around looking for each other, adn so got very cold. We gave them extra hot water bottles and towels in the morning, but unfortunately, they died.
About 2 days later, we found another of the kittens wandering about in our garden, mewing. When we tried to walk back to the house, she followed us, so we took her in. She was a bit older, and so soon was able to eat soft food as well as milk. She survived! We have called her Koneko. She is the sweetest kitten ever!
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Welcome to the boards.

Koneko is a beautiful name. Does it have a meaning?
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Hi Mary!
Welcome to The Cat Site - it´s such a nice place!

Your Koneko was lucky to have you to save her!
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Welcome to the site! Here we post pics of our furbabies, so feel free to post them in
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Welcome to this site How nice of you to rescue the kitten . I am sure Koneko is very sweet .
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Welcome to the site as well. Just in case you didn't know, some cats have a really hard time digesting cows milk. It is all the additives that are in the milk that can do them harm.

But thank you for rescuing this baby kitten. Her name is very melodic.
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welcome, cant wait to see a pic of yoour little one, I am sure she will be in charge of your family in no time..
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Koneko is the Japanese for kitten. (thats for everyone who asked!!!!) Thanx for your interest in her! Bye!
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Koneko sounds very sweet, and it seems she's found a loving home. Welcome to the boards. We'd love to see pics of your sweetie.
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So glad you could take in this little one! Hope we get to see pictures!
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I'm going to find a good pic of Koneko to post on here soon, so you'll be able to see her. I'm still trying to find a really nice one though!
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Welcome - I am so glad Koneko found such a great home!
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Hi Mary,

welcome to the board.. i'm really hoping to see koneko's pic.. i'm sure she's a sweet little thing..
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