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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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Just saw this today and loved it! The cast is brilliant--Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Mickey Rourke, Willem Defoe, Ruben Blades were all really good. The story has lots of twists and turns and tons of action. And all those good-looking Spanish men. *sigh* And Johnny Depp, of course, who plays yet another oddball character. He even got to say, "Savvy," like Captain Jack Sparrow.
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Drool!!! Definitely when I see this on DVD I'm doing my funny weird screencaps!! LOL!!! Drooling over the men in the movie! DAfoe!! Whohoo!!! Loved him in Shadow of the VAmpire!
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still drooling! and I haven't seen the dang movie! Just a lot of trailers!
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I'll be seeing this very soon I'm sure! Both hubby and I are really looking forward to it. And that cast! *swoon!*
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I forgot to mention the music. It was incredible. I will buy the soundtrack when it comes out. Love the guitar and Spanishness of it.

About halfway through I leaned over to my friend, and said, there is definitely something to be said for Spanish/Hispanic men!

I am not a fan of Enrique Iglesias's music, but he sure looks good, as did the 3rd mariachi (I forget his name), and Antonio, and Ruben Blades, and Johnny Depp (even though he isn't Spanish!)

One thing I was laughing about is how slowly some of the characters speak Spanish. They clearly said every word, which is not how people who speak Spanish talk.
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LOL!! Yeah, on unavision I can pick one or two words since the say it pretty quickly
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