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Cindy, is this the jacket you were looking at?

Scan your mouse over the pic's & it comes up with a bigger pic. If it is...which of the two is the one you're wanting?
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I love their clothes! Walmart sells 'em often.
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Shell, its the one on the left. I LOVE that jacket!

WHY doesn't WalMart sell clothes online? I went to the website and was SO disappointed.

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they don't sell a lot of clothes same with Target, they don't sell all their clothes or curtains which sucks!
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I know...it sucks that they don't sell them online! They're missing out bigtime on sales!

Did you know that if you do purchase something online from Walmart & you don't like it, you can return it to an actual store? I didn't know that one until last week!
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Yeah, same with Old Navy and Gap
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Cindy..I sent you a email!!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now, I'd better wash my old jacket, so that I can pass it along to my dad or nephew. (It's too big for Bill).
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Glad I could help you out! I just sent you another email btw!
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