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Sicy, I think this is a wonderful thing you're doing.

Regarding Prego's name, if I remember correctly Prego means "You're welcome" in Italian.. so it's really kind of a nice name.

Sicy: Thank you for coming into my life!
Prego: Prego Sicy!

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LOL yes you are right! I am Italian. That is purrfect.
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I think Prego is a cute name
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Prego enjoying a meal

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Does it look like her ear is clipped? I know supposably they clip their ear or something after they spay them...I need to see her in the daytime to be sure.
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Sicy, I'm so happy and so proud of you! If you guys need any help I'm not far away and will be willing to do what I can. Oh, and btw.. Prego is a beaut!
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It looks ro me her right ear is cliped
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It could be tipped, or it could have been pulled off in a fight, or during mating season. Here, they not only tip the ear, but they tattoo on the light colored portion of the cat's body just to be sure. It is highly possible she is someone's discarded pet, and has been spayed before being kicked out of the house. If she were not spayed, she would be pregnant or at least have kittens around her living outside as she has.
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No hissy.. she is the sweetie I just trapped and had spayed. She was not someones pet. She had 2 litters at least. After the last litter got taken away by the pound my neighbor and I got so mad that we decided to start this trapping stuff with that cat trap lady (Didnt you read this thread? ) Anyway she is back now. I was just wondering if they clipped her ear so that we can be sure we dont trap the same cats again.
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I'm so glad she's back! It's such a wonderful thing to see them come back after the neutering.
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She just looks so much better too and healthy.. if you look at the first pic I posted of her then look at the one above. I feel so great about this... words cant describe.

I hope to get a pic of her in the daytime so you all can see her beautiful blue eyes

Here's a pic of her watching Zoey and Saki play

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wow sicy!!! You are doing great!
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I know what u mean- it feels AWESOME to know u are helping ferals also..... U're doing a great job Sicy!
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Thank you. I never thought I'd be doing something like this. Well, be a part of it anyway. I have never done anything like this in my life. I beleive it has a lot to do with this board, the people here, and the stories I've read that have educated me. It's really a wonderful thing. All of you have a hand in this too. I need to share the credit.
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