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Well I guess we're not getting any more cats The lady set a trap on my porch for Prego, and she's been all over this patio, sitting at my window, etc.. but not one foot in that trap. And my patio is NOT big. It's an apartment patio. She must be too smart. I havent fed her in 2 days either. *sigh* There's also 2 traps at the pool - empty. These cats are getting smart. Well, at least we got 4 females

I did find out that after she gets them spayed, she keeps them in dog carriers. So I guess that's better than keeping them in the traps.

My neighbor also talked to the people in the apartment next door that is adjoining to the dirt area where they hang out. I guess they give them food too so that's good.
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Is there any food in the trap ??? If not the cats wont go in the trap .
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Of course there is food in the trap. Tuna.
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Holy @#$! I got Prego this morning!!! I was just waking up and I heard 'trap noises'. I thought the lady had come back to pick up the emptry trap. But when I looked out the window it was Prego! I swear I just started crying.. crying because I finally got her and I cant believe she's going to be spayed after all the babies she's had, and crying because I hated seeing her thrashing around in that trap. AND crying because I am so partial to her.. and to the cat lady she will be just another cat. We are going to pay to have them put Advantage on her.. even though it doesnt last long but at least it will give her relief for a little while.

Please sends some good vibes that everything will go Ok with Prego and that her tests will come back negative and that she will still hang around when she is released.
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I know how excited you must be! I am so glad you caught your girl!

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If you haven't done so already, put a towel over the trap - it calms them down. Positive vibes to your Prego momma that her tests come out negative!! (I trapped a Calico feral this morning and her test came out bad Let's hope that I'm the only one with bad luck today)
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I am glad you finaly got her
My prayers are with Prego
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Yes, first thing I did was put a towel over the trap. I'm so nervous and worried. I will be feeling like this for the next 5 days. Thanks for your thoughts and vibes!!!
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Congrats on trapping Prego! Sending "Be Healthy" vibes to her.
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Congrats Sicy!!!!!!!!! I do have one more quick question though ( ) ... I assume Prego's not pregnant, you just call her that because she's had several litters? Or is she going to be kept somewhere until she has the litter and then be spayed?

No matter what the answer, I'm glad she's in the trap!!!! Sending calming vibes to you and her, LOL!

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lol we just call her Prego cuz she's had so many babies I hope to god she's not pregnant again... I know she just had babies about a month ago. Not sure how soon after she can get pregnant again.

What happens if she is though? What will they do to her? Now I'm all worried
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That's great! I'm so glad Prego will be taken care of. I might have missed it; did you change your mind and decide to continue feeding her if she comes back, or will you let the other lady feed her? Hopefully she will tame up and you will be able to give her monthly flea drops and she can continue to hang out on your patio. I hope everything goes well with the spaying.
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I would love to continue feeding Prego on my patio, however, I dont feel she will let me even touch her let alone put any medications on her. She stays her distance, at least 3 feet from me at all times. I dont want my cats to be flea infested There's a big problem in my city with fleas. I know that my neighbor will feed the cats next door in the church parking lot and also some mexican neighbors behind us say they feed them too. My cats now both have advantage on so I guess I shouldnt be so anal.. we'll see.. if Prego even ever comes back to my patio after this ordeal.
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So glad you caught this girl! I know just how you feel - it took me weeks to capture my latest feral momma cat. She actually learned how to go in the trap and eat by stretching her neck out over the trigger!

I have to warn you that Prego IS probably prego. Mine was still nursing a litter, and when I took her to have her spayed, she had 5 little ones inside. Aborting them was necessary, as momma was completely depleted from her life of endless pregnancies and nursing.
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Oh man.. that is so so sad
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So I was just chatting with my landlord through email and she mentioned .. "I noticed some of the feral cats are back. Before they left, they were pooping & peeing under our table set. I hope they dont come back over. Dom told Reneit to stop feeding them. Having fecal matter in the pool area is a health code violation. "

GOD I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just wrote her this reply:

"Kathy.. remember I was telling you I wanted to trap them? After that ordeal with the Animal Control coming to take those poor kittens? Especially that mom cat that had the babies.. Well Reneit and that cat lady have trapped 5 of them (all female) already to get spayed. We just got the mom cat the other day! I was so excited. Do you know how awesome that is?? Reneit had to feed them to lure them to go to the traps. And once they're spayed you are supposed to continue to feed them. That's how it works. Kathy, just imagine if those 5 female cats all had babies.. that's hundreds of cats running around.. do you know how many cats would be at your pool area if they didnt get spayed? You guys should be thanking her. Now there will only be 6 or 7 cats instead of 20, 30, or 40. Many landlords actually work together with the organizations and tenants to do something about the problem instead of just complaining about it. Shooing them away is not going to solve your problems! Stopping feeding them wont solve it either.. they're still going to wander around here.... and you have to admit it IS a problem. Getting them spayed is sooo good for them and will stop future kittens from being born.. And this is all being done at the cost of the organization.. Some poop at the pool is nothing compared to 40 cats worth of poop. Imagine how much poop that is. If its really a big problem I would be happy to go out every day and clean it, though I have never seen poop at the pool. Anyway, please just think about what I said and try to see how good it is what is being done for the cats, for you and for the tenants of these neighborhoods."

God I'm so mad.. she just doesnt get it and she wont get it.. I know it
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I knew it.. I cant stand her

"I understand what you are saying, & you can all get permission from Davis & Davis to feed them in their yard. We have a pool here & it is a health code violation to have the animals defecating in our pool area. I am sorry to disappoint you, but it will not be tolerated or allowed. There are no exceptions in this circumstance. And yes, we were scooping up poop on a daily basis & washing away the urine under the table. It is up to the property Management at 1742 Kentfield to deal with these cats that have made their property their home. They don't have a pool, so the circumstances are slightly different. "

OMG HOW CAN SHE BE THAT STUPID?? She thinks that if we dont feed them they wont wander over here its RIGHT NEXT DOOR.. cats travel.. hello?? ugh.
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omg I'm seriously going to explode

"One more thing, my pool man was attacked by those cats when they were sleeping in our pool shed. When he opened the gate, the lunged out at his face. They didnt start pooping in the yard until Reneit started feeding them. So yes, this did begin a bigger problem. "

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Hmm. Attack of the killer cats, imagine them all lunging at his face like that! She really is an idiot, isn't she. Tell her that the cats wouldn't lunge at his face if they were well fed.
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Ohhh Sicy (((( HUGS ))))
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I would make a flier and put it up in the laundry roons or wherever and ask tennents to adopt the kitties that are being trapped. YOu could form a club or sorts and work together to tame and socialize them.

You could approach the managers with them putting a clause in their rental pet agreement that the pet must be spayed or neutered to have it. This would stop any breeding if someone "accidentally" left their kitty behind.

Also let them know abour the enzimatic cleaners that will keep the kitties from returning to the wrong place to potty. Cover it with an orange scented spray afterwards to keep them away.

Good luck sweety!
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Well, Sicy, at least you're trying to communicate with this person!!! I think that was a great note.

Anyplace else food could be left out that would draw them away from the pool area?

And maybe you should consider getting permission from the owner of the property! That would shut up the complainer!
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The owner of the property is her Uncle.
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Prego is back! She tested neg and was not pregnant.. and when she was released my neighbor put food out for them and she was there I'm soooo happy.. I cant believe she is spayed, AND they put Advantage on her. 5 cats we got spayed out of 8!!! A wonderful time this is for me right now.
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Hurray for Prego!! You just gotta find a new name for her now that she is not prego and won't be in the future!! Good job trapping all those kitties!!
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LOL but now I'm used to calling her Prego
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yeah , I am so happy for you and for her .
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She's here she's here!! She showed up just now on my patio I'm so happy. I went out to give her food and to sit down a few feet away from her and she came right over to eat. She ate like she was really hungry. God I wish I could pet her!! Little.. by little..
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Sicy I am so happy for you and those poor cats!
Any luck with the other tennents adopting a kitty?
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These cats are nowhere near being 'adoptable'. They are too feral. We are going to continue to feed them though. My landlord cant say anything if we feed them next door.
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