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Stiff legged kittens

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Hi. I am new to the forum. I am looking for help. Our neighbors have some kittens and will not bring them to the vet...I am concerned that the kittens may have something that will be transferred to our cats....I'm looking for insight as to what the problem might be so that I can encourage them in what to do....Here's what's gong on ....the kittens are young...but old enough now to be able to get around -- however their back legs don't seem to be working right...they are stiff and almost look locked in place when they walk they toppled over. Their tails also stick straight up and are stiff...the tails don't wag or relax.......I am looking for any insight on what might be the problem....THANK YOU....CinderLou
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Depending on how old you are talking about.....when they are first learning how to get around, they do hold thier tails straight out for balance, and it does seem they are stiff in the rear legs as they are trying to get the feel for walking.
Without being there to actually see them, it's hard to say for sure. If the mom and kittens are outdoors, they could have been exposed to anything and everything.
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The problem is these kittens may need a vet. It could be anything from inbreeding to heridatary myopathy. Perhaps you could help with the bill and have your neighbor pay you back somehow?
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Thank you for your replies. We had a litter of kittens a few weeks before these were born and my first thought when my husband told me about it was also that kittens are clumsy when they first start walking....however, when I saw it for myself it IS very odd. They are old enough now....and I think it is more than having "new legs"
Helping them pay for the vet is a good idea...but they would never let me. Tney have the money to do it. Thanks again for your replies.
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