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Ok you group of winners!

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Your CD's on How to Build a Cat Tree are going to be mailed out this Monday. The people who will be receiving them will have to post pictures of their masterpieces once they are built!

Congrats to our 16 winners!
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Woooohooo! This will be so much fun!

Thanks for the chance!

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yeah!!!!!!! Can't wait to put hubby to work!
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Cool! I guess I'll become a regular at Home Depot soon!
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Yeah! We're practicing sisal wrapping on our big cat tree tomorrow. It's 13 years old and showing wear and tear. My furbabies will love a new one.
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Thanx! I´ll be sitting by the mailbox in about a week!
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Thanks MA! I'm looking forward to learning all about the art of building a cat tree. I'm not much of a handy man type of gal...but I'll give it a good try!
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EERRR.. This might be a dumb question but.... Who are the winners and what kind of contest did they enter?
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Hissy randomly asked questions when it was TCS's anniversary & the first person to email her with the right answer won a cd of how to build a cat tree. I'm not sure who all won...can't remember all the names.
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Here's the latest thread with the winners...
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OHHHH Thanks Shell!! I was wondering what I had missed since I was clueless!

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No problem!
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Actually, I think this "group of winners" is the group that answered the September Anniversay Questions, the 10 or so questions about different things in the TCS, not the random questions that came one at the time.
Everyone who got whose 10 questions right also got the CD, like in the random questions, and they are also playing for the catbed, which only one of them will get.
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I'm not so sure about that Sess...that contest is still open. I answered one of the random questions & won the CD. The big contest with the multi questions has a prize of that cat tent from

Unless, I'm totally confused..which I very well could be!
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Well, we´ll find out the truth someday!
I was never the first to win the random questions. Maybe the "group of winners" are the peolple from both contests. But you are in the multi question group as well, so maybe you will get 2 CDs
The multi question contest ends on monday, so maybe the CDs will be sent out that day.
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Beats me...I'm confused & too tired to think straight. I'm sure you're right..I bet it's a combined winner type thing.

Does that make sense? Like I said, I'm too tired to think. Time for bed for me!
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Well, the important thing it that a group of people that answered some questions right, will be getting a CD, and their cats will be getting some wery nice homemade things!
I cant wait to test my skills!
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Actually- The winners of the CD's answered the Random questions Hissy asked.

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Woohoo! Thanks MA! yesyesyesyesyes
Our furbabies need a cat tree.

Yep, random questions. The other contest for the cat bed is still on, I think.
If you haven't entered, go for it! It's a cool bed.

Good luck!
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Ok clearing up the confusion-

The following people will be getting CD's because they answered the one random question the quickest with the correct answer:

Coco Maui- Russian Blue- jgaruba- okeefecl- Kiwideus- valanhb- Mom of Many- Jin - Shell- Tuxedo Kitties- Princess Purr- Kimbulu- Wellington Cats- Pollyanna-Momof10cats-

Two who won, but declined the prize: deb25 and kev

Heidi, I need you address again- sorry- Kimbulu you too-

The other contest is a Trivia contest as well, that is for the cat bed donated by and that is still ongoing- not a lot of folks in the running for that prize of the catbed either- so find that thread and enter for a chance to win. With winter coming, that cat bed is going to come in mighty handy-

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I thought I wasn´t the first for any of the random questions - my computer was in slow motions that day, as many other days

That´s why, since I was on the CD list, I presumed that all with right answers in the multiquestion contest would also win the CD, and then one of them would win the big prize - the cat bed.
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If I was the first with one of the random questions, I never knew which one, so now I´m really curious!
I went to search, and found that there is one question thread that hasn´t been closed yet, as if the right answer never appeared! I wonder if I answered that one right - and first!
That was the question no. 15.
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Woohoo! I can't wait! Thanks MA.
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