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Anyone else want to join the pen pals?

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We have a few others that would like to sign up so please if you would like to join up as well, email me your name address email and sign on name to DragonPassCats@aol.com
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*Bump* for teresa!
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am curious about your name. coka cola kid. My son works for coca cola and I collect memorabilia. How did you come by the name?
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She loves Coke! LOL! There was a thread where I converted to Pepsi from Coke so some people like to tease about being a coke or pepsi fan. I reckon you're a coke fan then, huh?
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ummm what's the penpals? Is it like in elementary, you draw a name and that's who you write to and send gifts to? If so, I'm in
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you bet Coke Pepsi
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LMAO!!! Welcome to the site, there are a good number of Coke fans here!! LOL!
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Not to *hijack* Teresa's thread or anything but I'm the CocaCola Kid because I LIVE for coke and I'm a kid!teeheehee!

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Hope you mean the drinkin' kind! Hahaha Also to whom ever. Sure wouldn't mind being a pen pal.
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LMAO! I thought after posting Coke that maybe someone would get the wrong notion!!! LOL! just send your e-mail to dragonlady with your snail mail address
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Please what is involved with being a pen pal?
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you're randomly assigned a member's name who submitted to DragonLady that they want to be in PenPals and you can send an e-mail or what not, gifts to their house, etc. Ummm I like Pottery Barn, Target, Walmart in case someone gets my name tee heee! LOL! anything pertaining to home decorating such as curtains or bedspreads (cal king size), ummm... lets see what else...anything related to barbecuing since I barbecue a lot....ummm....I'll keep dropping hints LOL! okay I'll leave
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Got your list. Seems reasonable enough. Well, mine is listed below. I need a new car, Lexus, Infinity if no trouble and perhaps a airline ticket to Hawaii. Please don't date the ticket till around this time next year since I am on vacation now and have had to have surgery. Foot surgery and two root canals. What a great time off work don't you think Well, all kidding aside, what is required to being a pen pal. I'm the kind that needs a book of instructions!!!!hahaha
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LMAO!!!! Lexus, hmmm. I personally like the new FX45 I would love to go with you to Hawaii!!! So count all of us in I think! I just sent an auction item to a lady in hawaii that she won, took about a week for the package to get there!

Well if you sent Dragonlady your e-mail, then she'll assign you a person. You send an e-mail at least once a month and the pen-pal assignment lasts 3 months. You can also send stuff which is why she asks for the 'snail' mail. I also like Starbucks! big javafan, always on the hunt for the perfect coffee that is not too bitter or too light. Ummm big godiva milk chocolate fan, hmmmm...lets see what else...brownies...etc.... anything but pork
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What happened to your foot?! Ouch!! And root canals two of them, you are in a lot of pain!!! Hope you're on strong pain killers and that you heal up quickly
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Thank you. I am just beginning to drive again. Its been almost 3 weeks. I had an implant put in my big toe. My cartilage was gone. Boy I will say that having arthritis is not fun. My family is riddled with it so I was a good candidate I guess. I just today received something from auction. I love them and have gotten a lot of things I never thought I could find. This time it was long victorian iron window flower boxes. They are really cool!!!!!
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