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Vaccination Illness?!

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My one yr old kitty is doing awful after her shots today. She got rabies & distemper.

SHe vomitted 20 times today and is even having diarhea on herself!
We already took her to the emergency vet who geave her pepcid, steriods and 24hr of fluid. This was about 2 hours ago.

She still isn t moving much though and has vomitted and had more diarhea. I am terrified as I've heard of cats dying from vaccinations before! Do you think we are safe since the vet gave her 'this antidote' or could she still get worse or die!?

Anyone have experience like this? THANKS

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Hi Kari-

I am so sorry your cat is going through this. It sometimes is dependent on if the vet used a live, or a dead vaccine. The live vaccine sometimes wrecks havoc with a cat's system. Your cat is where she should be for now. I would just to be safe ask the vet to take blood and check her immune system. best of luck!
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Please keep us posted...I'm worrying about your girl. I'm glad you took her to the emergency vet! If she doesn't improve soon I'd take her back again.

One of my cats went through this too, and wasn't himself for about a week afterwards. The emergency vet called it "vaccine anaphylaxis" - a severe life-threatening allergic reaction to the vaccine or its components. Make sure you let your regular vet know what happened too, so he or she can report the reaction (I believe the vaccine companies track them) and give appropriate treatment the next time she gets her vaccines. In the future they'll probably need to premedicate her before each vaccine, and separate the vaccines (give just the rabies, then a couple of weeks later give the distemper, etc.). Your vet may also want to assess her risk vs. benefit & decide whether or not you want to vaccinate her at all in the future.

Hope your kitty is feeling better.
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She is better now thankgoodness!

Thanx for your support!
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Glad to hear it!
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I had the same problem with my Jack.......

See this thread about my experience

Click Here
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This scares me so much. Damned vaccinations.

I'm so glad your baby is doing better.
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Glad to hear your kitty is doing better. That happened to JC when he was a year old. That was really scary. Our vet then changed the brand of the 3-in-1 vaccine, and also gives him an allergy shot (something similar to Benadryl) right before administering the other shot. He's now four, and there haven't been any repeat episodes.
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I just vac. 4 kittens befor going to new homes. With in 3 days all where sick and had systoms of no balance, weight loss, diarrea, vomitting, like they had an Upper Resp. Infection. Doct. treated in as such, amox./calvamox. And we lost one.

But I got to thinking on the vac. the other kittens didn't get sick who had them.

So I should tell my vet and those new owners this could of been what happened, a reaaction to the vac. I thought maybe bad vac.
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