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Litter odor

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I can not find an ideal cat scoopable litter that controls odor. I have three cats and scoop everyday but sometimes the odor is present no matter what I do. Any suggestions from you pros out there?
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How many boxes? You should have one box per cat (ideally) also you need to go deep with the litter as well.

There is a nice little air purifier made by City Kitty that is great for controlling odor. It is reasonably priced as well and comes with a fragrance chamber-

here is the website:

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Thank you, I went to the site and purchased. I will let you know. I do have three boxes on my porch and one in the basement. I have the area covered.. Thanks again
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Yknow, I really like to suggest Crystals to people with odor problems. Zoey's litterbox NEVER smells (unless she forgets to cover her poop ) Crystals absorb odor better than any litter I have ever dealt with in my entire life. It's really amazing stuff.

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Thank you for your info. Do you know if you can mix the crystals with scoopable litter? This would really be great if you could. I actually thought of buying some of the crystals and crushing them into the scoopable. What do you think? Do I sound desperate or what?????
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Yes you can mix them. In fact they tell you to do that so that the cat gets used to the crystals. But I use pure crystals, no other litter in it, as it has the best effectivness that way.

I dont think you can flush this down the toilet though, that's the only thing. But the urine is totally absorbed into the crystals, its great you just mix it around after they go. The poop is the only thing you need to scoop out.
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Thanks a million. I am gonna try it. I never do flush the stuff. I have a very old house. I'm first gonna try adding to the scoopable, if that doesn't work well I will try just the crystals. This could really save me on clothespins, hahah
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I have found that with crystals my cats tend to play with the litter more. Just thought I would throw that in the mix here...
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Thanks for the warning.. With my three, you never know what they're gonna do next. Last night, my bengal, Bartholemew, who loves dragging things around found an opening in a clothes closet bag with winter clothes. Do you believe he got in and somehow brought up a sweat shirt from the basement where the closet is. This guy is just a card. I tried someones suggestion in giving him his own towel, but he doesnt want it. He would rather "steal". He is difinitely unique!!
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