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Is this a good deal for a digi camera & printer?

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Hello, this is "today's special" on the Home Shopping Network. I don't know anything about digital cameras or home printers. But, I need both! What to you think, are they good quality products and is the price good? Thanks for your help!
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I recently read a write up in PC Magazine and Lexmark was listed as the worst brand of printer for quality of print and service/repairs. I wouldn't advise you to get this. But that's just my opinion...
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Does not look bad but it has only 2 meg pixels - if you are going to spend that amount of cash, I would drop the printer and get a 3 meg pixel one plus. Printers are cheap enough these days to come accross - my camera cost nigh on £500 English and is approx 5 meg. I have never once regretted that purchase and it must have paid for itself tonnes over.

Vivitar is an okay ish name - not my personal favourite but if its a start and a 1st, then think about it seriously and go from there.

Its just an opinion and you know better what the price of cameras in the US are better than I do. I wish you every success

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I work on computers, and I have had a lot of bad experiences with Lexmark printers. You could probably get a HP printer and comparable Sony digital camera at Wal-Mart for around the same price.
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I agree with the recommendation for an HP printer, ours is 4 yrs old and runs like a champ, prints beautifully and doesn't give us any trouble.

We have a Kodak easy share DX3600, very easy to use and takes good photos.
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Thanks for the good advice! I had no idea Lexmark printers were bad. Puffy -- I'll check out Walmart this weekend. Thanks!
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I would go with HP, as well. We have had 3 HP printers in our house... we only had troubles with one, and they were very good about helping us out.

My digital camera is HP, too, and I've never had any problems. I buy pretty much everything HP because my computer is HP so I don't have to worry about it being compatible... lol.
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I saw that on there today and was watching it. I dont think it has any zoom on the camera. I kept waiting for them to show what it would do and they didnt mention it. I am looking for a camcorder with digital camera option on it to take to the ballgames and band competition and was looking at the camcorder they had offered and saw the todays special. I dont really have any experience with Lexmark products either.
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