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What color/breed is Skittles?

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Hey everyone! 


The first kitty, is Skittles. She is extremely friendly, great with little kids, and purrs constantly when she sees me or I pick her up. She is very light and small. About 6 months old. Light grey around her eyes and ears. She also has random patches of light grey & very faded orange/tan markings on her body and tail. Her fur is a mix of long and REALLY long hair. Always has been this way ever since she was a kitten. I got her when she was 5 weeks old, skinny, and could fit in a cup. She's doing really well now. =)

Been told that she might be a Turkish Angora or a Tiffany/Chantilly based cat, but nobody knows for sure. 

Any other ideas? Thanks!!!!


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No breed, she's a long haired domestic. If she has blue and cream markings then she's a blue tortie. 

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What a beautiful baby! Do you have any pictures that show her markings better? In this picture she looks mostly white.

She would be considered a domestic longhair (DLH). She may have characteristics similar to some breeds, or more likely similar to the ancestors of those breeds, but without a paper trail showing her ancestry she can't be called any specific breed.

I'm not familiar with the Tiffany/Chantilly cat. However, I can tell you it's highly unlikely that she has any Turkish Angora in her. For one thing, the breed is not all that common. For another, it sounds like your kitten has a long undercoat with longer guard hairs. The Turkish Angora has a single coat. I'm no expert but I did do some research when I was trying to decide whether to get an Abyssinian or a Turkish Angora. (I went with the aby in the end).
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Without seeing a picture of the grey/tan/orange thou speakest of, I am going to vote for blue tortie point bicolor. Domestic longhair.

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