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Zoey just bonked my head where my eyebrow bone is and it hurt like heck I think I have a bruise

She's like a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: bulldozer man!
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LOL she doesn't know her own strength!
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Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I can just imagine Zoey coming after your elbow with her head down just like a bulldozer.

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I thought of you today. Went to petco for cat food, and they had an adorable orange tabby kitten. She was playing and putting her little paws through the cage. What a cutie.
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I love the looks of your cat. Mine also does that bumping thing. I have three and believe me sometimes I think I am boxing. My bengal, is really a nut. He will holler until I pet him. A bengal does not meow like other cats, they actually shout. When he gets mad he really is loud and persistent. Bumping is just one of his idiotic but fun habits.
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Owie, Sicy!

Zoey, take it easy on your Mommy!
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LOL! Ohmygosh this is what my young Benja does I say come on baby give me kisses and her bonks my head and $h!t i swear it knocks me over!
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Now I would have never thought that Zoey had a hard head like the Sammycat does It is wonderful when they give you their best head bonk. The only drawback is that you have a black eye for a week.
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My friend's cat, Herbie, just attempted to scale my leg in a pair of jeans. I am officially bleeding, as his 14-pound self couldn't hang on.
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Originally posted by Deb25
My friend's cat, Herbie, just attempted to scale my leg in a pair of jeans. I am officially bleeding, as his 14-pound self couldn't hang on.
is this why you're not answering your phone? because you are at said friends house?
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I can't get anything by you!
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nope, I'm sharp as a butter knife!
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LOL you guys crack me up She usually bonks my legs, arms and side of my face if I'm laying on my side but I swear she got me good right on the bone. Dang she's got a hard @$$ head!

Bengals certainly sound interesting
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Man I'm getting old. I thought your post said Owl
I couldn't figure out what hitting your head head to do with an Owl. Duh.
My eyes sure don't work like they used to!

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LMAO that's funny
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ooooh...we call those "kamikaze headbutts". Frej once had a cat named Francine who would begin doing those vigorously when I called, while we were dating
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Sometimes she bonks the cabinets, or the stove, or the shower And it makes such a loud thump I feel like omg Zoey doesnt that hurt?
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LOL Minky gave me a bloody nose the first night home with her headbutt.
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omg LMAO!!
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The abuse/affection we get from our cats!

Often, my eyes will start watering because Spike likes to rub noses HARD with me so sometimes it'd hurt my nose when he butts/rubs my nose. Luckily no nosebleeds so far! (knocking on wood..)

Also, I can't go out swimming in a bathing suit because I keep getting scratches on my back and shoulders from Buddy digging his claws in me whenever he jumps up on my back/shoulders and sits/lay on my shoulders!
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I think Zoey was a professional wrestler in a former life
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