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Originally posted by Nitecrwlr
I don't race very often. [/b]
Come on, be honest. Little punks in Mustangs are a dime a dozen at every traffic light down here. That's the fun part!
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Originally posted by Deb25
Uh, nc, could we see the actual vehicle?
Oops, here it is. Bought a used bike because everyone told me I would wreck it trying to learn. 1 year and 8000 miles later, not a single scratch.
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She's a honey, alright!
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I went from a brand new '97 silver Eclipse to a new '98 Honda Civic. Big change. But the Civic is a Great car that will last me awhile and since my parents pay for it, I'm not complaining!!
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OH! OH! OH! (waving hand widly in the air) I KNOW THAT ONE.....

A very old Mazda....

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Nitecrwlr; I LOVED that little Corvair. Catarina, mine was Salmon Pink! The only thing Nader really had found fault with was the fact that; because the engine was in the rear, they tended to be front end lite over 70mph (back in the days when you could legally do 70!!!!
That problem was easily rectafied by putting two concrete blocks or two 25lb bags of kitty litter in the front -end trunk. . . . :laughing2

I had some "Good Times" in that little pink girl. Some of my friends called it my "Titty Mobile" We used to sing our own version of the Jan and Dean song "She'll have FUN, FUN,
FUN, 'til Daddy takes the Corvair away. . . . .
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I have a 92 Olds Cutlass and a 93 GMC truck. I like them both and spend equal time and miles in both.
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We have a '67 Camaro (if interested http://www.havelmark.com/~bhavel/per...mages/cam2.jpg ), a 1987 Nissan Sentra, 1990 Mazda 626 (I love my car!), a 1994 Dodge Dakota pickup truck and a 1995 Lexis... Trying to sell the Sentra though!

I hope to replace the truck next year - any one heard about the new 8 cylinder trucks that if you aren't pulling or accelerating run on 4 cylinders?

Are also looking to buy a Kharman Ghia (late 60's) to rebuild =)


Have to love paid off vehicals!!
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I drive a beautiful 96' Acura Integra. Fast little car.
I love it!!
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My best friend when I was in high school had a Corviar....I don't remember the engine being in the back, but I guess it must have been, cause that's definately what she had...an old burgandy Corviar.
I myself drive a 91 Ford Escort GT...it is teal, and I love it so much I hate to give it up, but the time is coming, as it now has over 100,000 miles on it.
My hubby has a 95 bright red, Ford 150 truck.

I really want a mustang!!!!!! I also like the looks of those new Cougars!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH DEB!!! :angel2:

I just love those cougars too! My favorite car in the whole world when I was younger was a 67 Cougar! I still to this day am looking for one that's nice and doesn't need to much restoration...I'd love to have one
I wouldn't mind a new one, but I kinda like the foreign cars a bit better.

Love &,
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Well as of last October... I don't drive. My first and only real wreck .. scared the living daylights outta me. So... I only ride for now. Craig is working on getting me used to the road and such again.. and hopes to having me driving again soon. He drives a Dodge Spirit.

The car I had when I got in a wreck was a honda accord. Not sure of the year... but I think it was 94 or 95. It was gray.. and so cute! Stick shift... I loved that thing.

So.. thats my story Bet your are all thrilled to know it!

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For ten years I drove my five speed yellow Geo Storm and my plates said PetTalk - I loved my car and it matched my hair! But my daughter could not afford the payments on her 2000 Cavalier so this year I gave her my car and took over the payments on hers - so now I have a white car with the same plates. I will always have a fondness for "Belle" - my yellow car.
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