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Wish bonnie luck!!

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Rich and I are driving bonnie to meet her new furever daddy. As long as the meeting goes well she is going to be a spoiled little princess with her new daddy! We are really going to miss her but this really sounds like a great chance for her.
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Good Luck Bonnie!
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Best of luck, little Bonnie
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I hope everything goes perfectly and Bonnie has a wonderful new forver home!
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Good luck to the babie
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it went so great!!! Much better then I could have ever thought. Her new daddy is wonderful, and I felt very comfortable leaving her with him. She was even purring when we left It makes it so worth it to see the kitty get an awesome home!

I speical thanks to a catsite member that got me in touch with this person
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Woohoooo for Bonnie! and Bob's friend right?

I'm glad she has a furrever home!! Good Luck in life BonBonz!

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I am the one that hooked it all up....lol Bonnie now lives with my brother. He LOVES cats bigtime He had to have his long time best friend Cliff put down last April. He got Cliff at 1 year old...and he put him down at the age of 22 years old. Bonnie will be one happy camper for a lifetime. Thanks you very much Val....you are an GREAT person
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Glad to hear, yay PP, yay Bonnie, yay Bob, yay Bob's brother!!
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Oh Bob! I'm glad to hear BonBons went to your borther!!! I hope you're brother visits TCS soon!!
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*sniff* happy endings....
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yea! Steve should join our happy little group on here. He is soooooooooooooooooo nice!!! This really is an amazing story from start to finsh and another catsite rescue!

Here is the very short story. Someone on here contacted me about her because she had just given birth in a shelter (normally babies and maybe her would have been put to sleep)! So I decided to take her and the babies in. She was very sick and would not eat on her own, none of the babies made it I had to force feed her for weeks and then she finally started eating on her own again! Once she was back to perfect health I decided that it would be best to give her a chance at being a princess. So I posted on here and Bob contacted me about his brother steve. Then me and rich took her to meet him! I think that is the perfect place for her! She will be spoiled and very loved Seeing how happy she was running around and purring makes all the hard work worth it! Even rich said that all the work was worth it. We had a very hard year this year with losing isadora, and then bonnie kittens, and marble and blizzy adpotions falling through because the people would not agree to our terms. But this one was a successful rescue!

Rich is so proud of me because I didn't even cry
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I love happy endings. Sounds like Bonnie has a great new dad. Val, you are such a sweetheart to work so hard for your furbabies.
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Great happy ending!
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