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Saturday DT!

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Hardly anyone here!

I am bored, had my cup of coffee, waiting to see what we're going to do today. Watched Bulletproof Monk, corny cheesy movie
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My Arthritis woke me up,
Feel better now that I have moved around.

I am going to Petco for cat food, and then to Starbucks for a Mocha Latte.

My newly planted tree, looks a little droopy I hope it recovers(lol)
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Ohh COFFEE!!!!!!

I am trying to drink more water than coffee, not an easy feat!
Finally got some good sleep - slept 11 hours last night - the day before, I only had 3 hours sleep so 11 hours was a blessing and I feel better! Kahu surprised me by sitting on my leg - something that he has NEVER done before! He is making so much progress, I am so proud of him!

Now, I am craving coffee!

Waiting for lunch and then will read my "Pen Pals" book by Olivia Goldsmith
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I'm going to call the ring place soon to see if my ring is ready
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ooooo!!! Sicy, you have to post pics of the ring!!! On your finger of course!

just finish eating home-made egg drop soup my tummy is full of liquid, coffee and soup! LOL!

maybe going out to Whole Earth Provisions to shop around and then Tar-jeeeh of course!
my son is babbling to JB, ordering him around LOL!
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I will!!! Hope we can get a good pic It's hard to get close ups with our cameras.

Oh ya I am also drinking coffee
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Oh my! I wanna see the ring!

JB, are you sloshing when you move? That's such a weird feeling.

I've got a lot to do today but can't seem to get motivated. Stayed up WAY too late last night, then got up early w/ DH to go vote. Texas has an election today with 22 proposed amendments to our constitution. We printed off the info on all 22 amendments from the League of Women Voters website (they're so great - I am SO thankful for their info!) last night and sat up late discussing them, and deciding how we each wanted to vote. OMG some of these amendments are SO obscure...but it's our constitution so we did our best to decipher the politispeak.

Now I need to get the crate into the car & load up the mud monster stray puppy (who happens to weigh almost 40 pounds) into the car to go take her to the park for a walk. She really needs socialization...she thinks she needs to bark at everything
She sounds really fierce, too, for just a puppy. The cats have been doing a great job teaching her proper respect for little black & white furry creatures with sharp feet, though.
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I'm not doing anything. I think I'll watch my Chicago DVD later on this afternoon. I went grocery shopping this morning.
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I was sloshing and then went to the potty

I think I need another cup of coffee!

I do need to vote on that Prop 12 that everyone is talking about Tux. Hmmmm...stop by Randalls I reckon to vote.

So far nada, today is slow and the sun is set so high and making the day seem longer so I feel like it's only 12 even though it's 2pm.

Trying to come up with a rhyme for my son to start remembering his body parts minus his winky
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It is raining here, yuck.

We just got back from the SPCA, took photos of three new arrivals and found out there was an adoption and an owner reclaim of a stray kitty.

Had two Mocha Frappuchinos this AM, Tybalt is craving a Chai so we may go out for more Starbucks.

Osiris was chewing on Max's face this AM Owwww...she has a small scab under her jaw from his little needle-like kitten teeth. She showed remarkable restraint and only nipped him when she couldn't take it anymore!

Now the sun is out, but it is still raining, a genuine sun-shower! This is the remnants of Hurrican Henri that we are getting today.
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Here's the link if you're in the mood for some slow reading:

I love the website because it gives you the facts without the slant you usually get from the papers & advertisements on TV.

eek! 2pm! Been on the computer too long. gotta run...
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"winky" ha ha ha. What about that connected song? "The foot bone's connected to the shin bone, the shin bone's connected to the knee bone..."

I got up today a little stuffy and decided I needed a strawberry and banana milkshake. mmmm No sugar or anything, made it myself. Hopefully that along with my vitamins will stop any bug trying to do me in. Then I have to work at three pm. Right now it's 12:30pm so I got a few hours...
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Yay my ring is ready!! He said it looks beautiful!!! I'm off!!
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Woohoo! pictures pictures pictures!

"winky"! ROTFL! makes me think of the Austin Powers movie scene...willie! johnson! woody!
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LOL! Yeah I didn't think about Austin Powers!!! I'm so out of the loop with nursery rhymes, think I'l run a search...thanks Tamme, now I have that tune embedded in my head! LOL! Sicy, can't wait to see the ring!!

Hope all those waking up not feeling good will feel better by the end of the day
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Jelly, I liked bulletproof monk! My expectations were low, so that kind of helps. I love eggdrop soup! with spring rolls

let's see, went and had my emissions test on my car done, went to the post office and mailed Laurie and Gary their snuggle kitty back, hit joanns and got some templates for scrapbooking, got home, made pancakes and the S/O put together the new cat tree! Mae is snuggled on one of the top perches right this minute. then we hit the grocery store, put everything away and had some lunch.

so now we are relaxing. I'm playing online and watching tv.

Hope, I really enjoyed chicago! it was refreshing.

I may watch some angel episodes later and make a no-sew blanket.

have a great day everyone!
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I had to work, today 6:30-3:00. After work, I stopped at WalMart. They didn't have the jacket that I want, in my size and they were out of my brand of dry cat food!

Stopped off to see my parents and give them a copy of the latest baby pic. Mom won't let go of it. Their newest doggie, Brewster, gave me a kiss. He is a HUGE Great Dane and loves everybody. His feet are the same size as mine!

Out to dinner, tonight and off to bed.
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I LOVE great danes!! I hope you send us pics of him!
nada much here went to Container Store (drool with no money) and then REI (drool with no money or vacation plans to go camping)

will go for our walk, son and I tonight soon gotta start losing some weight
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JellyBelly, next time that I go Mom's, I'll try to remember to take a camera. Brewster thinks that he can be a lap dog.

Ike went over me, like a bloodhound. He KNEW that I was "cheating" on him today!
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they can smell 'em a mile away! LOL!
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well gotta go feed hubby go for walk and maybe go to sleep if son stays asleep or watch another DVD
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