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Favorite fiction writers? - Page 2

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Margaret Atwood
Anne Rice
Jean Auel
Kurt Vonnegut

Have you noticed that not as many people read anymore? It's really quite sad.
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-Stephen King...I'm especially fond of his short stories
-Mercedes Lackey
-Laurell K Hamilton...I plug her books alot LOL if you're into vampire fiction and like a strong female primary character Ms. Hamilton's your girl
-Dean Koontz
-JK Rowling
-smut novels, those bodice rippers are a guilty pleasure
-Clive Barker has some good stuff out there
-Thomas Harris
-LM Montgomery
-Anne McCaffery(sp) but just the Pern books
-the Bronte sisters
-I can't remember the name but the Little Women Author.

That's not all but that's quite enough lol.
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In no particular order...

JK Rowling
Stephen King
William Gibson
Douglas Adams
Dave Barry
Alice Walker
Tony Hillerman
John Grisham
Al Franken
Tom Robbins
Milan Kundera
Manuel Puig
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Little Women was written by Louisa May Alcott. I loved her books as a teenager.

I just brought some hardcover books to the local library, since I don't have room to keep too many in my one bedroom NYC apartment.
One was the "DaVinci Code" which I guess has gotten a lot of press.
I thought the obviously gay male librarian was going to kiss me lol.
They said there were 1000 people on the waiting list for it. (You can reserve books in the NY Public Library online.)
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