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disgusting cat sites

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I was recently made aware of two links to awful cat sites. They show graphic pictures of dead (esp. run over) cats. They were sent to some poor woman who lost her cat and the sender said - is this your cat? Terribly cruel.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a way to get these sites offline. Any ideas?
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Sorry, no. How cruel can people get?
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I would think that the ASPCA could do something since it is cruel, but I don't know. That is so sad Karma will come back and get those people!!!!
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Contact PETA they love this type of stuff
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Yes, I would think this would be right up PETA's alley.

Times like this make me wish there were exceptions to the First Amendment. Sigh.
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It is disgusting, but does not constitute cruelty since the pictures are of cats that have been run over. The woman may have a civil case though.

By the way, the ASPCA is actually a local humane society (New York City) and only has authority to investigate cruelty in that jurisdiction. There is no humane organization with national, or even state, authority. Each jurisdiction may or may not grant a local humane society investigation authority. In many areas this is reserved to the local government agencies.

As for PETA, if it doesn't get them national attention and create funds for them they won't be involved.

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People really have nothing better to do. Anyone seen the bonsai kitten site? I think that site keeps getting booted off but they just go find a new host to get it back up again.
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Grrr I really hate sites like that, I don't understand how people can be so heartless.
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Actually the sites were not of cats being run over (the moderators "modified" my post.) they were how to eat cats - and showed cats being skinned etc. really awful and this has to constitute cruelty. How did they get these photos? Really horrid. It frightens me that there are people like this around.
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Are you sure they are not joke sites like the Bonsai kitten ones?
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Well I'm sure the creators think they are jokes, but I was horrified to see these images of skinned cats - really gross. I suppose some people think they are funny, but where are these cats coming from? And it seems to encourage this kind of sick humor. It was of course particularly distressing for the woman with the lost cat frantically trying to find him.
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May I ask, how did you find them?
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I found them because this woman who was so offended was on a list I am on and forwarded the info to all of us in her shock. Some were dismayed that she would even forward them, but she was upset and not thinking clearly.
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that's sad and maddening!
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My apologies Marty. Honestly, I didn't look at the sites in question, but I have unfortunately seen the photos from the sites of the run-over cats. Sorry for the confusion. I shouldn't have stated what was on the sites without seeing it for myself.
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Maybe its an asian site? and they have cooking tips and recepies, you never know...
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Your post was also modified because people who do this sort of thing (create sites like this) do it for shock factor. Leaving the links up only generates a lot of traffic to these sites, bumping them up in the search engine. Any time these type of sites or pictures appear here, they are edited and removed. Just like the Bonsai Kitten site, I don't know how many times that thing has appeared here over the years and had to be edited out. These are very disturbing features to leave on a family oriented website such as TCS
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I didnt know anything was edited when I posted but I'm personally glad they were. I wouldnt want to click one of these kinds of links and see something that horrible.
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I saw a similair thing on on easter. It was a picture of a roadkill rabbit and someone put a basket and easter eggs by it and on the bottom wrote "kids are gunna be pissed!" And if you havent been to rotten you probably dont want to.
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We visited Korea last year. One of the people in our group went for a walk and happened on a butcher shop, they had dogs there (to eat.) She was very unsettled by the whole thing, and I felt the same just from talking with her. (By the way, the Koreans don't eat cats, and even dog has pretty much gone out of fashion except for some of the older people who still consider it a delicacy.) Before we went I had a discussion with our Taekwondo master about the whole thing. He had originally suggested I should try some dog, but I made my feelings clear and he was very careful to respect my feelings.

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