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Injecting insulin

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I have just had Wendy (if you check back through posts by me, you will learn all about Wendy), diagnosed as being diabetic. I to am diabetic, so the idea of injecting her to keep her alive is no problem. The problem I have is that I don't want to accidently hurt her. I also inject myself 4 times a day so I know that sometimes it can hurt. I have been shown how to do it into the scruff of her neck, can anyone draw a diagram of other almost pain free places I can inject? She only has one jab a day, but I don't want her scruff to become sore.
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I just pm'd a member who specializes in diabetes and cats. Her name is Gayef and I know she can help you with this question and concern.
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OK, I will do the best I can here, but I just woke up (been having problems sleeping lately - what's up with that???) and so my artistic abilities aren't what they should be ... and me an artist for a living. Sheesh! LOL

You will want to have Wendy assume the "meatloaf" position ... that is to say, have her lay flat on her tummy with her back legs tucked, her front legs stretched out in front of her and her head up. Make sure she is facing away from you.

On either side, pull up a flap of skin (just like you do at the scruff - make certain it IS just skin though) away from the area between the hip joint and the lower side/belly (see VERY crude drawing below):

Then make the injection in this spot. Alternate sides each day so as not to let it get sore.

It also helps if you use the short needles. I don't know what is available to you there in the UK, but here, I bought the BD UltraFine II Short Needle 3/10cc Insulin syringes. In fact, I still have a boatload of them, so if you want them, privately send me your mailing addy and I'll get them over to you. Since my baby passed away (not from the diabetes - she also had Cancer), I no longer have need for them. The short needle prevents popping through the other side of the skin flap, and the 3/10cc unit markings are MUCH easier for these old 40-something eyes to focus on. My arms are just not nearly long enough these days! LOL These syringes are VERY thin and supposedly a lot more comfortable. Now of course, the 3/10cc ones are NOT going to do you any good unless Wendy is using U-100 insulin. If she is using U-40, then the ones I liked won't work - the dose will be off by too dangerously much. But I am sure they make U-40 syringes in a larger barrel so you can see the units.

Hope this helps. I am available here via Private Message, or via email private message to assist in whatever way I can. My email is gayef@us.net or gayef@originalsiameseart.com - use either to contact me. I don't always stop by the Forums though, so it is best to email me when you have posted a question here. And I think it might be good to do it that way (post questions here and email me to notify) so we can perhaps assist others with similar questions/concerns.

You'll do fine. Just remember to observe Wendy's behavior and she will "tell" you how she feels. I can help you interpret if you need me to.

Best of luck,

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