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Muddy is learning to use his tail!

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Muddy is close to 5 months old now and really becoming very expressive with his tail. It is turning into a fan, almost as wide as his body. He flips it into a questionmark when he walks, and wags it wildly as he plays. Quite the beauty!

Any stories or pics out there about expressive tails on your furbabies??

Here is Muddy playing with his adopted brother Dakota (they are 2 weeks apart in age and Muddy is a LOT bigger)
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that picture is so cute . I don't have no tail story , sorry .
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Jules carries his tail not only high but also slung back over his back, the way a Samoyed's or Husky's tail is carried. (see the photo). We call it the "hook tail". He does this only when he is very happy. No photos of Jules doing this, alas.
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muddy is a very pretty kitty, looks like beautiful fur, I love the tail...
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My Bengal always has his tail fluffed up looks like a feather duster(lol) and his coat is about the same length as Muddys.
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Aww that's a cute pic!

Zoey is really cute when we pat her butt, her tail swishes back and forth.
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NightEyes, I'd really love to see your long haired Bangel. Maybe we should get together sometime, since we both live in the Los Angeles area.
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cats are pretty funny with their tails. Ambers tail crooks at the end when she is happy and swishes wildly when excited. have you ever tried to hold the tail? They dont like it thats for sure! She'll grab and start to twist her booty to get her tail free.

pretty kittys! I love the longish fur.
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just love the long fur! Very pretty kitties.

Whenever Roo or Tigger are sleeping I'll call their names softly and even in their sleep their tails will twitch. The more I do it the bigger the twitch until they wake up and give me a look like "WHAT MOM?!"
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Ok, this isn't a cat tail tale, but a greyhound tail tale.

Our big 95 pound greyhound, Doug (as in the Farside beware of Doug character), found out he really liked beer. Anytime anyone would put a beer down on our coffee table, Doug would nonchalantly walk up to the table and start wagging his tail (his tail are about 3 foot long and very skinny) until he knocked the beer over. He would then drop to the floor and suck on the carpet as fast as he could. The first time he did it, we didn't discover him right away and he had most of the beer down before we pulled him away. After that we got REALLY careful (yes, he had to pee a lot after that first beer then crashed HARD).

I love cat and dog tails......they communicate so much with them!!
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Zebra loves to chase her own tail so it's really funny to watch her chasing her own tail in circles!

Pepper also likes to play with Zebra's tail sometimes but Zebra doesn't really like this so when Pepper starts swatting at Zebra's tail, Zebra will jump up and start wrestling with her for a few min then walk off in an huff!

Also, often when Spike is on my lap, he'd be waving his tail in my face as I pet him so Buddy his brother will leap up on my shoulders and proceed to try to catch and bite Spike's tail. It's really funny to watch (unless Buddy's claws are digging into my back then it's more of an "ow ow ow!")
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cute pics!
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Oh my! What a big fluffy tail! Adorable!
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