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Summer Vacations

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I decided to start a fun thread on Summer Vacations! So, where has everyone gone for Summer vacation? During Memorial Day, we went to California. We went to Disneyland and California Adventure for a week. I always love Disneyland!! ] I will admit, I didn't care for California Adventure as much. You can get that park done in about a day and a half. I did like California Screamin & Soarin Over California; Oh, and also Grizzly Rapids. IMO, CA reminded me too much of a carnival. We stayed at the Grand California, which was so cool. I would stay there again and would recommend it to anyone who goes to Disneyland. We had a theme park view of California Adventure. Next year will be our 5th Wedding Anniversary, and I told hubby that I would like to go to San Diego for a week..... Hawaii would be super cool, since I've never been there!! Maybe I could convince him??
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Tigger...sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!! My hubby and I can't afford to take a vacation this year, maybe next year...a few years ago we went to Colorado, started at the top, went to the Rocky Mountains, Estes Park,Pikes Peak, worked our way down, stayed with my brother who lives there in a suburb of Denver for a couple days...went to the Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museium of Natural History....then worked our way down to the Garden of the Gods, The Cave of the Winds...Seven Sisters Falls, a few other places I can't remember, and ended up at the Royal Gorge! I loved it!!!!!!!
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We can't afford to go on vacation this year either. Since I'm in school til Dec., Scott pays all the bills. We are getting married April 20, 2002. So next year we will go on a honeymoon to the Caribbean (if he will quit playing golf at $30 or $40 a pop so we can save!!)
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