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A Problem With 2 New Kittens

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I just got two new kittens last night and of course they were terrified being introduced to a new environment. I showed them where the litter box was (in the basement) and they bolted for a place to hide. This is my 2nd and 3rd cat so I kind of expected this. Well, the problem I have is that I can't find one of the kittens! I've searched everywhere in my basement and I've not been able to locate her. Will she come out when she gets hungry or should I start to worry? Thanks for the help!
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I would not look for a while for her . But would go into the basement and talk very quietly and calm to her so she is getting used to you and your voice . Then when it is feeding time get soemthing what smells strong (kitten food) , maybe a can and place it away from you and see if she will come out . Don't make any sudden movements or talk loud , she needs to gain your trust first . Good luck
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Thank you so much for the advice. I'll definitely try that. How long do you think it will take before she gets used to us?
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A new home can be a scary place for a kitten, and a basement is just a big world. Agree with Purrfectcatlove. I would also look for nooks and crannies that the kitten can get stuck in - basements usually have lots of things to crawl in or around like furnaces, rafter beams, hot water tanks, washer/dryers, etc. If you can close off the areas that could harm your kitten (I had a cat crawl under the dryer, I didn't notice, and screamed when I turned it on to dry clothes).

She'll come around in time once she has some trust in her new environment.
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I don't know how long it will take her to trust you and come out from her place , each cat/kitten is differend .
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Don't look for her, that will just scare her more. She is hiding because she is unsure of where she is. Put out litter box and food (away from each other) and then just go to the basement and sit down on the floor and read outloud to the kittens. Put some treats around you- and just read a few pages, then leave. Do this a few times a day- also under their food bowl, leave a sweaty tee-shirt so they can get used to your scent. Feed only canned food at first until she gets brave enough to come out. If you have any CD's of classical music though harp music is best- play that continuously really really low in the room where she is hiding. But don't even look like you are looking for her, she will consider you a predator if you do that. If you know there is no way she can get out of the basement, just leave her be and let her decompress.

I also moved you to a forum where people are used to their cats and kittens hiding...
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Have you found the kitten?
When we introduced our 2nd and 3rd kittens they were very afraid, they were feral kittens. I would sit on the floor with a soft cat toy tied on the end of a long cord and pull it around on the floor. After awhile they could not stand it and would come out and play.
Another thing I noticed is when I feed them I pour the dry kitten food in a ceramic bowl. So each day they would hear this and when they hear the food hit the glass bowl they come running. It took our kittens about 2 to 3 weeks to let you get close to them. Now they are 5 months old and we can not keep they away from us
Let them come to you do not chase them.
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