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Pictures of my neice

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Just got these this morning & I just had to share! She's just so darn cute! Looks like she's got a new kitten & she needing some names for it. My cousing Akela didn't tell me if it's a boy or a girl.

Orianna is getting so big! I just can't believe that she's 20 months old already! Hope you enjoy & please send some suggestions on some names.

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Awwww your niece is so cute , well the kitten too
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Oh Shell, she is absolutely adorable! And I love the pic of her with the kitten. That is one cute little furball!

I am hopeless with names. Good thing I adopted older cats, they already had names so I didn't need to think of something new. I really love the trend to give "people" names to pets. Like my neighbours with a cat named Daphne. Or the people down the street who want to get a dog so they can name it Dave. (That's a joke of course, they want a dog for other reasons as well).

The cat looks like it has blue eyes, so how about a celebrity with blue eyes, Frankie, Paul, (for a boy).
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she's a cutie pie!
We used to have a black cat named Cinder (dark like coal). Could be used for a boy or a girl kitty.
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Shell - your niece is so beautiful! I love her eyes, they are so full of life!

The kitty is soooooooooo sweet looking! I had one that looked just like it, named Gizmo because his ears were so fluffy and he looked just like Gizmo on Gremlins!
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Aww Shell... Orianna is soo adorable I like all of the pics of her.... I especially like the pic of her with her new kitten How precious the y both are
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Shell, she is so cute - and the little kitty as well Your neice looks so grown up for 20 months old. It´s unbelievable how fast the grow up!

As for names, I have a few suggestions. The suggestions come from the other end of the world, so they sound different!

Kisa - the icelandic word for kitty. My great aunt lived in Canada, most of her live. She had a kitty named Kisa, others thought is was a cute name, fut fewer knew it actually ment something

Tinna - if it´s a girl. The word means something black. It is a human female name, and also common on black cats and dogs.

Tinni - if it´s a boy. Tintin´s name is Tinni in Iceland. (You know, the books...)

MjallhvÃ:censor:t - Showwhite. Snowwhite was beautyful with beautyful shiny black hair.

Hmmm...those are my suggestions for now, I´m sure I´m gonna come up with something more later
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Your niece, is so pretty.
She is very photogenic.

Kitty names, I had a dark sable German Shepherd once his name was Kedar,
means dark.
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She's a cutie shell!! Although little kids and kittens scare me.. They tend to think they are stuffed animals or something lol..
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Your niece is a doll. I love her in purple or lavender, it's a great color for her. As far as kitty names go.....I'm no good, unless you want an "S" name. I have a thing about naming all pets with an "S" name. How about Shelly.
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YEs but she is still at the age where she can be taught. She is adorable!! Okay, whose the black person in the family Shell? LOL!!!

My son is getting better at not pulling or pinching or poking my JB. So there is hope for her!

I like the name Muffin, for some reason it popped in my head, but it's more for a girl if its a girl.
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she looks like she already has quite a personality! Do they live near LA or NY? If so, they should check into baby modeling: she is very photogenic! There's a toddler on my floor (just walking now) who has done all sorts of work already, One of my nieces, who is in the LA area, has done a print ad for K-Mart lol. Regretfully, it was a socks ad , so you can just see part of her (on the left.)

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Thanks everyone! Orianna is such a hoot! That little girl's got me wrapped around her little finger! And she knows it too!

Thanks for the suggestions on names...still don't know if it's a boy or girl. The first name that popped into my head was Pandora...not sure why though.

As for her modeling, I think she'd be perfect but I'm a bit biased. Right now they are home from Germany for a few months. Orianna's daddy is in Bosnia right now & won't be leaving there for quite a while. Akela told me that they'll be in the states for a couple months yet & they'll return to Germany. Then they'll be there for a couple years. That is going to kill us to be away from them for so long! They're originally from Colorado Springs, so I don't get to see them very often. But when they're off to Germany, it'll be a long wait to see them again.

Jelly, as for the black person in my family: My cousin Teresa (Akela's mom & Orianna's Grandma) married Tyrone who is black. They had 2 girls (Akela & Angela) & after a few years they got divorced. To me regardless what color their skin is, they are my family...and I love them no matter what. I remember the first time I seen Orianna, she was only 4 or 5 months old. I took her to Walmart with me to show all my coworker my new cousin. People looked at me so strange because I had a colored baby & people were down right rude about it. Two old ladies wouldn't ever hold the door open for me even though I had Orianna in one arm, my purse, a bottle & a diaper bad in the other arm. They seen her skin & gave me daggers. Close minded people make me mad. Everyone has their opinion, but to me if you don't like it...fine but don't take it out on the innocent babies & etc.

Thanks again everyone...sorry for that little rant there!
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Oh...I forgot to add. Orianna really isn't my neice..she's my cousin. But Akela always calls me Aunt Michelle, so she's my neice...does that make sense?
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I dug up a few older pic's...just had to share!
Here's Teresa & Orianna:

Akela & Orianna:

Family pic:
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Shell, she's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Next time give her kisses from me!!!
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She is a real beauty Shell Can't think of a name for the kitty though I usually wait until the kitties personality comes out before nameing.
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