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I'm flying away!

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Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll be leaving, via a really-big airplane, for the great state of Michigan. If all goes well and we don't fall down go boom, I'll be back on line somewhere in the vicinity of 20th July.

I'll be unsubscribing from the threads here, so my electronic-mail program won't suffer from overcrowding during my absence. Hence, I won't see responses (if any) to this thread — or any others, for that matter.


My friend Kristin (pictured below with her daughter Sam) will be be looking in on Michaela and Tonya while I'm gone. I'll see y'all in a few!

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Have a great trip, bring back lots of good stories, and be safe!
We'll (well, I anyway) will miss you while you're gone,

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Have a lot of fun and a safe trip!

We'll miss you!
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whew! I was worried for a minute that Mr.Cat was offended by something & was telling us he was leaving! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

have a safe flight Mr.
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Have a safe trip. You will be missed! Hurry back!
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Take care Mr. Cat and have a great time!
I'll miss you a lot!
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Pack extra peanuts. They don't give you nearly enough. Have a safe trip.
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Hi Joe,
Have a beautiful trip You'll be missed by all!!

Love & ,
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Joe...I hope you have a great time!
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Have a great time Joe! You'll be missed and we'll see you upon your return. By the way, comments have been made that you would be a great addition to the thread MENS VIEW OF RELATIONSHIPS, so be sure to check it out upon your return. I'd love to see your unique spin on it.
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Without a doubt, Joe. Your thoughts on the Relationship thread are missed.
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Dear Joe,

I am definitely anxious with baited breath to hear your comments on that thread! :laughing: :LOL: As you are always so unique and have had some of the most interesting relationships with people I've ever heard! Be safe my friend and looking so forward to your return!

Love & God Bless to you, Michaela and Tonya too! =^..^=
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Joe; I know that Michaela and Tonya miss you. It is so nice that you have a friend to "check in on them" so they can stay in their own home. There is usually so much less trauma than when our pets have to be boarded. I wish you a safe trip and I know this will be a fun trip for a joyous occassion. I, however, wish you were home already. . . . .

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Thank you, everybody, for your nice "happy landings" messages! I had a wonderful time whilst visiting my brother and his progeny, friends, et cetera. My niece is married and even as we speak she's with her husband on honeymoon in the Greek islands (on a sailboat no less).

Well, it'll surely take me a few days to digest all that's gone on in my absence. My cursory examination of The Cat Lounge reveals battle-zone aftermath, which is sad. There are, it seems to me, two distinct camps — the primary determining factor being geographical location.

I'd have liked to post in that "relationships" thread some of you mentioned, but my having spent time in a real combat zone has made me wary of ambushes. We used to have congenial and witty discussions here, but now all attempts at such intelligent communication are sabotaged via cheap shots; and I'll not play that game.

I'll check in here from time to time, but I doubt I'll tackle any subjects of substance. Life is too short and I'm not interested in contentious exchanges.

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Just look who the Cat Site has dragged in! Joe, I am very glad to see you back home and here safely. Your presence and wisdom have been sorely missed.

Things were a bit tense in your absence, but I'll not dig up ancient history.

Just suffice it to say that the place wasn't the same without you, and here's to your many appreciated posts.

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Deb 25, you're too kind! I'm happy to be here, insofar as I look forward to interesting threads. Would that they remained such!

Well, I'll be careful and step lightly for the time being. I know you and many others will continue to make this site a place of quality.

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Joe, you're back!!!!
I can't tell you how glad I am!!!!
You've been truly missed here!!!!!
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Quality?!? Well, that's pretty much up for debate, but once again, won't dig up the past.

It's forward and onward.
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Joe - Glad your plane didn't fall down and go boom! (That's always my fear when I fly). Sounds like your niece is having a great time, on a sail boat no less.

Thankfully I was out of town too when things got tense. But, they've seemed to have settled down to a manageable level again, and we're all being nice.

Glad you're back!
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Maybe everyone was grumpy because you were gone!!

Now that you're back, everyone will behave themselves!
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Joe!!!!!! Glad you are back!!! We missed you!!!

Deb25....I got a kick out of your comment about look what the catsite drug in!!! :laughing:
I haven't heard that expression in quite awhile!!
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