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Kitty has diarrhea. Help??

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Kitty has bad, smelly diarrhea. Does anyone know how to help him or what could be wrong?
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You need to go to the Vet with your kitten right away .
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Take it to the Vet.... without anymore info, it probably has worms. If it is real bad then your cat is losing ALOT of water, dehydration is a problem.
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Sugar Pie has gone to the vet for the week-end where he will get fluids and they will let me know exactly what is wrong. They will
check him for worms and stuff. When I got home, I found out one of the grandkids had given him milk a few days ago, maybe that's what's wrong. He is particulary sensitive to milk, he was rescued from a neighbor who only fed him milk and had bad diarrhea then. He's never had milk since that time. Thanks for the help! I'll let you all know how he is doing.
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Yes it be the milk , but you never know . I glad you took the kitten to the vet
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I hope that is all it is. You can buy Catsip at the store and have it on hand next time your grandkids want to feed him milk. It is milk especially for cats.
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THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! For taking your little one to the vet! I know it may sound silly, me saying this, but you've no idea how many people don't do it, even after darn near everyone on here gives them that advice!
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Update on Sugar Pie - He is home and doing much better. He's on a special diet right now and confined to the cage and not one bit happy about that. The vet was not much help, except to rule out worms and give some diarrhea medicine. Sugar Pie was one of our rescue cats that came to us in really bad shape. His previous owners fed him strictly a diet of milk. He had diarrhea so bad then, that it took a couple of weeks to get it stopped. He had lost a lot of the hair on his tail and around his bottom, along with a few other problems.
Our other cats do get the CatSip milk occasionally, but he's never had any. My 5 y/o grandson gave him the milk out of his cereal when we weren't in the kitchen, I'm hoping that was what happened.
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