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Molly being terrorized by Morrell

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I'm sure you've had five million threads like mine, but here goes.

My new cat, Morrell won't leave my older kitty (Molly - age 11) alone. He torments here.

I slowly introduced them (Morrell was in the basement. . . Molly upstairs). I tried vanilla, perfume, and am now using the Feliway plug in.

To no avail. . . Morrell gets his jollies out of scaring the daylights out of Molly. He chases here at high speeds all through the house and I hear hissing & growling.

It's been one and a half months and it hasn't improved.

Molly is becoming very terrified of him. She hides in the house and when she's outside, refuses to come in (we have to carry her in).

I want to give Morrell a fair chance. He's a very sweet cat otherwise. He's like a 15 pound kitten with A.D.H.D.

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Don't know why I wrote "here" instead of "her"
Must be my coffee hasn't kicked in yet!
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When I got my 2 Cornish Rex cats (retired from breeding) , the breeder only give me Calipso home . She wanted one more litter out of Charley Chaplin .So about 5 month later I picked him up . Calipso was scared to death of him , even though they were used to each other befor I picked her up . She was so afraid of him that when she aproched Charley she poop like diahria all over the place . He also chased her around .So I separed (sp) both of them . One was in the bedroom and the other in the rest of the house , then after 4 hours I switched them around . I did that for about gosh 3 - 4 month , that the breeder said to me she would take him back . But I keep working with them . In time Calipso was feeling more comfi getting out from the bedroom and back in the bedroom knowing that only his smell is there . Then I started to open the bedroom door and let them just smell for a while about a month or so . Then one day after Calipso did not panik any more I let her come out from the bedroom and would you not know .... they were ok with each other . Charley passed away a year later from his heart murmmur (sp) , that was a sad day for me .
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