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How much does your vet charge you to spay a cat?

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Well, it is time for Cuddles to be spayed! My current vet is very expensive (charged me $693 for Cookie!) and I was wondering how much you guys have paid. I have been quoted anywhere from $200 - 760...huge price difference! But the vets that are charging $200 are really far from me, so that doesn't work out. biggrin.gif I think we paid $259 for Candy, but that was twelve years ago. There is a low cost spay and neuter clinic for cats owned by residents of the city of Toronto, and they only charge $60, but the waiting list is about 6 weeks to even book an appt. So yeah, what do you guys pay? smile.gif
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Um, yikes! Nobody here would ever get their cat spayed if it cost that much!

My usual vet charges $95. Another vet I've used charges $105 (he does a tidier job and uses inhalant anesthetic, but is farther away so I can't always use him). Another vet (LOL) does ferals and other free-roaming cats (trailer park strays, farmcats, etc.) for $50, rabies shot and eartip included. There are no low-cost programs aside from what nice vets do smile.gif.
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Ah!! I'd love to have those prices. laughing02.gif Unfortunately, I am having the hardest time find a good vet and all these clinics seem to be charging through the roof! Hopefully, the city of Toronto will make me an appointment so she can be fixed at LEAST before the end of the year. She's already had her first heat, poor girl! We had no idea she was six months. But she seems to be okay and very comfortable, gets extra catnip and treats for being such a sweetie. biggrin.gif I don't have any intact tomcats around anyway, all of them are neutered or ferals and Cuddles does not get outside.
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My vet charges $150 but offers $50 off if they have had all their shots there and are 7months and under. There is another vet who does spays for $50. It is the same prices at the low cost clinic as well.

If I was you I would drive the extra miles to the cheaper vet.
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Yeah. I am seriously considering doing that! My problem is that the lowest vet is on the other side of the city and I don't drive. laughing02.gif But I will start asking around for a friend to take me and hopefully we can work something out. I am waiting on a call from the city right now, they told me they will be willing to book her an appointment sooner they will call me back tomorrow with the exact details. Soo...fingers crossed! vibes.gif
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My current vet charged us $45 to neuter Tumbles.  That included an overnight stay, too.  My previous vet charged over $100 for Hannah's spay, but we also got a voucher for $50 from Animal Control to have her spayed since it was required by our adoption agreement and they didn't do it on site.

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$25 for Tiny's neutering. But Tiny was thought to be feral at the time, so I got a real discount. He was nine months old at the time and would let me touch him, but was very shy. Imagine my surprise to get him back, coax him out of the carrier, and watch  him willingly lie on my lap for warmth when he was woozy and passive after the neuter. That's when I knew for sure he'd been somebody's cat at some point. He doesn't sit on my lap much now, but he did decide that it was nice to jump up onto my bed and get cuddles when I've just woken up. I suppose I'm less intimidating when I'm lying down.


But--yes. $25.

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My vet has been giving us a discount because DH has been TNRing the colony of cats that his friend feeds.  However, I adopted Speck from the animal shelter in another county and our vet couldn't accept the spay/neuter voucher.  So I took him to a vet in the shelter's county, thinking it was going to be pretty much free.  I ended up paying over $400.00 even though the neuter and some of the shots were supposed to be included.  I'm not sure what happened, but I think that vet saw me coming.  I know this doesn't answer your question, but every time I get a cat spayed or neutered I end up paying extra costs that run up the bill.  (I did request pain medication for Speck, which was about $15.00 a pill...still a long way from $400.00.)  My mil had all her cats done through the local humane society and has saved quite a bit.  It's a little inconvenient (only done on certain days, certain times, etc.) but she has saved quite a bit this way.  It's worth checking into if there is one in your area.

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I didn't pay to get Angel spayed as she got spayed at a spay and neuter clinic. The reason I didn't have to pay since I volunteer at the clinics. But I did give a $20 donation so that's basically what I paid. Miagi's neuter was $60 I believe. Tiger was already neutered when I adopted him.

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In Nebraska, $90 to spay.  Extra $20 if in heat. 


The breeder (in Oklahoma) of the cat I now have has a vet who charges $235.  The breeder allowed me to get my cat and have her spayed here i Nebraska.  She went into heat the first week I had her, so it did cost a little more.   But the scar was less than an inch long and was sutured very neatly.  Healed nicely as well.

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Originally Posted by kittylover23 View Post

She's already had her first heat, poor girl! We had no idea she was six months.



Cats go into heat from 4 months, so she could be any age. Going into heat doesn't automatically make her 6 months old

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$700 for a spay is highway robbery.

Here spays cost around $150.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post

Cats go into heat from 4 months, so she could be any age. Going into heat doesn't automatically make her 6 months old


Many a person has been caught out on this one! .  It really annoys me when vets insist on waiting the 6 months, especially when people think they're safe till then and allow their cats outside.




In Brisbane, Australia, unless you get a special deal, the costs of desexing range from $100(F), $80(M)  to $200(F), 120(M), although it could go higher.  The cheaper one is the Animal Welfare League clinic and the most expensive I know of is a specialised cat clinic.  The exchange rate with the US is about even.


So here as well, $700 is just a crazy price.

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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post

Cats go into heat from 4 months, so she could be any age. Going into heat doesn't automatically make her 6 months old

Ah, didn't know this! Thanks. I don't have much experience with kitties in heat, I have always gotten my kitties spayed before their first heat.
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My vet charges $400..$475 with preop bloodwrk
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Could you find someone to give you a drive over to Buffalo? You'd save a ton of money getting it done in the States.

My boy's being neutered in 9 days - l didn't ask the price as l'd rather not know, lol.

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The vet wanted almost $300 to spay Holly.  There was NO WAY.


So I called the humane society, to see what they could do.  I was lucky- there wasn't a huge waiting list.  They were so nice there.


It was $50 total.  Including meds. 


The only thing I was unhappy about was that the stitches took forever to dissolve- I guess it's the kind of suture the low-cost spay clinic uses.  It wasn't a huge deal- we just watched them to make sure no infections were around the area and they eventually dissolved. 


Now that I know that they do this- the next time we adopt a kitty that needs an "operation", I'll make sure I make the appt asap.


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Through my vet its $80 for neuter and $120 for spay.

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My cat was about $100. I am only just over an hour from Toronto and didn't realize it was that much more there. That's crazy.

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Yeah, it's a lot more expensive in Canada than in the U.S. agree.gif

Like Luvmyparker, our vet charges $80 for a neuter and $120 for a spay, but we get a "high volume" discount because of all the TNR we do. laughing02.gif Because there's no low cost clinic near us, I love that our vet is willing to work with us. We trap a cat, drop it off at the vet, they get to kitty when they can, and let males spend one night and females two - and if it's pouring or something the day we'd be releasing them, they let us leave kitty in boarding. And they don't charge us for the boarding. hearthrob.gif

Like nurseangel, it always costs us more - they get ear tipped, treated for parasites, often treated additionally with ivermectin for lung worm; if needed, they'll treat wounds/abscesses, frostbite, administer an antibiotic shot, etc. Whatever kitty needs.... rub.gif
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my regular vet charges about $150. the clinic i take the strays to to TNR them charges $35 a spay, $10 extra if they're in heat and up to $95 if they're pregnant.

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I asked my vet clinic last week since we have a new kitten that will need to be spayed.  If she is not in heat, $165.

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Huge suggestion to all of you with a shelter near your area: look into the low cost programs! My local Humane Society offers a terrific discount spay/neuter program! There are about 12 vets offices on a list that you can chose from, and you go into the Humane Society and pay $50 up front, then they call and make an appointment for your to take your pet in to be spayed/neutered with one of the clinics on the list that you chose. It is really such an amazing program! It's for both cats and dogs. I had my Aussie, Mykelti spayed through that program about a year ago. Since I was able to chose off a list of multiple vets, I was able to chose the one near my house that I had been to before and had a good relationship with. They took excellent care of her and did a great job on the spay. (Since I previously worked for animal control and assisted in spays, I knew what to look for, so I was happy that they did a great job.)

I definitely recommend calling your local Humane Society, ASPCA, or other shelters in your area to see if there are low-cost spay/neuter programs like that one. They really do make such a positive difference! clap.gif

(One thing though, if you do opt to go with a laser spay/neuter through a vets office (typically easier on the pet and less bleeding/recovery time) those can be more expensive, because it is a newer technology.) I'd also factor in additional expenses for pain medicine should your pet need them.)
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300.00 ish

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Cost about £38 iirc for both male and female at my vets 

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My vet charges $75 for females to be spayed and $55 for nuetering males. The nearest Humane Socity to me is 50 miles away so I dont use them however they charge $30 male and $45 female cats (ferals are $20).

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£40 for Benny in June, I suspect just over £50 for a female without complicating factors.  The girls here in the UK are done via their left flank, the incision the vet made when my other female was spayed was about 1cm long - about the width of my thumb - and she bounced right back.  They use dissolving stitches (less for her to pick at) and a check at 10 days was included in the cost when the girl was done. 


Some of those prices sound totally OTT, at least for young healthy kittens.

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Last year, I think it was, the SPCA here was trying to get the government to hand over the money to open up a low cost spay/neuter clinic. As far as I know, there are none in Nova Scotia and of course, the cat population is out of control. I never heard anything more about it, so I assume it was a no-go, sadly. Tired of people complaining about all the strays/ferals, yet no one is willing to step up and help. All they asked for $400,000. 

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2 of our last 3 cats came from the local HS and they came done. Aya is the only cat I had to pay to have done and that was in Japan. It cost just under 20,000yen. At that time I think the yen was around 100-115 to the USD.


When I worked for a Vet clinic I think both procedures were definitely over $200, with the spay coming in at closer to 3. Corporate owned BTW... Lots of our clients opted to get it done elsewhere and come back for other services...

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Originally Posted by Alicemama View Post

My vet charges $400..$475 with preop bloodwrk


That is exactly what my vet charges as well.  I do get a 20% discount so the actual spay is $320.  Still $75 for the preop bloodwork.  A little pricey compared to some but I know my cats are in the best of hands so I don't mind paying it.

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