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Gonna have that yard sale!

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I stayed up until 2:30am setting up tables, tagging, and lugging boxes of crap up from my basement into my garage.

I just polished off my first cup of coffee. . . . getting ready to grab the second. . . and get outside before I lose the best part of the day.

I did not advertise for this one. . . . am going to wing it with a menu board type sign on the end of my street (which joins a busy street) and will hope I get rid of some of this s#@%!

If anything. . . . it's getting me motivated to re-organize my basement. . . . and clean some things that have years of dust on them.

Wish me luck!
(and pray that the pesky bees don't spoil my day)

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good luck. go away nasty bees!
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Good luck! I hope you sell all of the #&%@! I need to do the same thing and clean out closets God I hate that job*sigh*
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Good luck for your yard sell
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Good luck!!

It is raining here, couldn't have one here if I wanted to!
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keep us updated, then whatever is left you could sell it on e-bay LOL! or five it to goodwill or Big Brother Big Sister
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Good luck!!!
And have fun.
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How did the sale go? Did you have it already? (I'm a bit behind!) Maybe I'll have to have one now too! Make some money since I'm out of work now!
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How did it go for u? I had a yardsale two weekends ago at a friend's house and it was pretty effective.

Still have some junk to sell and get rid of though.

I am supposed to have another yardsale THIS weekend with my neighbors. Not sure if that will still be on due to the hurricane coming Fri. HOPE we can on sat so I can get rid of all my junk!AND MAYBE earn enough money to buy myself a digital camera!!
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It went well considering.
I posted a new thread shortly after telling the results. . .

I was going to have another one with my sisters. . . . decided to avoid this weekend on account of the hurricane remnants. All our luck we'd get rained out.

This buys me more time to clean out the nook & crannies!

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