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Does your cat chase its tail?

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Leo somtimes chases his tail like a dog He only does it onc in a while. Should I be concerned?
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Maybe Leo is just trying to play with his tail? Many years ago, I had a cat that would sit and flick only the very tip of her tail, and then she would try to pounce on it.
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lol I have never seen Zoey chase her tail, but my RB cat Sasha used to
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Both my kittens chase their tails. I got Stitch first, noticed she was chasing her tail a lot....I thought it was cute. When I went to adopt a second kitty, Puffy was in her cage chasing her tail. That's part of the reason why I picked her.
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My boy, Kjartan, chased his tail one time. He saw it flitting around back there, zoomed after it, caught it and CHOMPED down. He doesn't chase his tail anymore.
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Mozart chases his tail. All three like to play with the others' tails.
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Glad to hear tht other cats do it too! What wierd creatures they re!
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Both Aragorn and Legolas chase their tails and it seems to go on forever. Legolas likes to chase his tail in the bathtub and I have no clue as to why.

Now the funny thing here is I have a dog named Cisco and he doesn't chase his tail and never has. But, Aragorn and Legolas chase Ciscos' tail and that really bugs Cisco so he starts chasing them. He catches them and rolls them on the floor and just nuzzles them until they can't take it anymore!

If you can figure this one out then good luck to you as I have given up a very long time ago!

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Only one of my cats, Zebra, chases her tail and it's really funny to watch. She'd start staring at her tail as it twitches, she'd start getting ready to pounce and as she pounces on the tail, it moves away! Soon she'd be running in circles trying to catch her tail until she loses balance or hits someone or something!
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Tibby chases her tail, it's the funniest thing. She will run in circles trying to catch it then she gets so tired and frusrated that she will sit down then realize her tail is right by her face then get up and start chasing it again!
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We don't really need tv with all the entertainment we get from our cats!
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one of my babies is so funny. if you get the end of his tail wet he will look at it like it does'nt belong to him. he will then chase it until he pins it down and lick it till it is dry. it so funny to watch.
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