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Eye to be removed.

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I want to share a story with you.
A year ago we moved into our own house. The day of our moving in was a very happy one especially that the same day a cat knocked to our new door. We decided to take care of the cat. The cat didn't want to stay indoors all the time so he was coming just for feeding.

The day before yesterday the cat came as usual but he was a bit weird. Crouching and very scared. We took him to the vet. We found out that one of his eyes had to be removed as he don't see with this eye and his lawer jaw had to be wired as it was broken.

When we foun out that the price of the eye removal is £250 we got a bit scared. (It is expencive for us). We decided to go ahead with it anyway.

As I am a new person here, a request of a financial help may sound a bit weird, and I am going to ask anyway. If there is anyone who would like to help us, I would be very grateful.
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What a kind act. . . to help this poor cat in need.
I know personally how expensive vet bills can be. . . . I sunk over $1,500.00 (not sure what that is in pounds) into my sweet kitty, George in less than one year. . . . and lost him. I have no regrets. It did hurt financially (I'm a single mom with a college student), but I did what I felt was right. I probably would have spent more if I could have. It's only money

As other people in this site have recently suggested for others in need. . . perhaps you can get your local newspaper to feature a story about this cat and his plight. I'm sure that there are animal lovers in your neck of the woods that might offer to help fund his medical care.

Good luck.

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Thank you for helping the kitten ara.

However I am moving this to the SOS forum where it belongs and I feel obliged to mention our guideline about solicitations for money here as well -

Solicitations - the needs of rescue workers are great and we recognize this fact. The care of multiple cats, which includes finding suitable homes, good vet care, food, etc is costly. If you wish to bring our attention to the needs of a specific organization you may do so only once, and in the SOS forum only. Other than that, you may use your signature to add a link and a short message regarding the cause you are promoting. From time to time you will see some posts that request donations for a specific cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references and phone numbers, and call around the area to find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. The Catsite.com does not stand behind any solicitation of funds that appears in the forums. Be very careful before you send any money; no matter how effective the plea is, check it out before opening your wallet.
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