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Roo needs medical advice

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What do you guys make of this?

His eyes have always been a little watery ever since we got him as a baby, but recently they have become bothersome. They water all the time to the point that he can't see. Any ideas?
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Woah that's weird. Has he ever been seen by a vet for this problem?

Maybe he's allergic to something
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He looks JUST like my neo. Neo's eyes do that everyonce in awhile. If they get puffy or if the discharge is not clear I take him to the vet, if they are just runny I use a paper towel with water and wipe them and it normally gets better with in a few days.
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IMO, Roo could be having a lot of pain in the eye that is mostly closed. I think the closed eye looks a little red also, but it's hard to tell from the picture, and the other eye looks too watery. There could be several different things wrong with Roo's eyes including glaucoma, which is a lot more serious and difficult to treat in an animal than it is in a person. You really should have a vet examine his eyes, especially since the problem has gotten worse.

FYI: One of my Rainbow Bridge cats developed glaucoma in both eyes when she was 13 years old.
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Looks to me he has pain in his eye . I would go right away to the vet with him .
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